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We’re teaching on the book of ROMANS. We ended with (ROM 2:29) last week so we’re going to get right into (ROM chapter 3).

     I. ROM 3:1-2

              A. What advantage is it being a Jew in the flesh, or what profit is it to be circumcision in the flesh.

                        1. In (V 2) Paul says, “Much in every way.” (NIV)

                                  a. What does he mean?

                                  b. The Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God. They are blessed.

                        2. But without receiving the Lord Jesus Christ it is all without profit.

              B. ROM 3:3-4

                        1. In (V 3) Paul asked the question, “Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?”

                                  a. God is always the same. He will never change.

                                  b. No matter what someone believes or doesn’t believe it will not change God.

                        2. In (V 4) he makes the statement, “Let God be true, but every man a liar.”

                                  a. Anything that is contrary to the Word of God is a lie, and everything that God says is the Truth, even if it doesn’t look like in the natural.

                                           i. God is right and just in everything that He does.

                                           ii. Even if we don’t agree with something that He does.

                                  b. God’s Word is also true, even if it doesn’t look like it in the natural.

                                           i. God says you’re healed, even if you see sickness in your body.

                                           ii. Who are you going to believe, your body or the one that created it?

                                           iii. God and His Word is the final authority.

          II. All right let’s go on with ROM 3:5-6

                   A. Look at Rom 5:20

                             1. Just because there is the Grace of God and there is the mercy of God, does not mean that we are to sin so that it will abound even more.

                   B. Even though God’s grace abounds and His mercy is a reality, there is still the judgment of God and the wrath of God.

                             1. And God is just even when He has to use His Judgment and Wrath.

                                      a. Even if we don’t agree with it.

                                      b. He ends with the statement (V 6) For then how shall God judge the world?” (KJV)

                             2. If there was any unrighteous in God then He could not judge the world.

                                      a. PSA 92:12-15

                                      b. (2TI 4:8) Says, “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” (KJV)

                   C. ROM 3:7-8

                             1. In these Vs Paul is dealing with a false doctrine and the people that were teaching this doctrine were saying that Paul was the one that was teaching this.

                                      a. In (V 7) Paul said, “For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie or (falsehood) unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?” (KJV)

                                      b. (ROM 3:8) in the NIV says, “Why not say ‑ as we are being slanderously reported as saying and as some claim that we say ‑ “Let us do evil that good may result? Their condemnation is deserved.”

                             2. What some of these false teachers were saying is basically that “Let’s sin so that God’s righteousness may abound.”

                                      a. That’s like saying, “Where there is sin, God’s grace does much more abound, so let’s sin so that God’s grace may abound even more.”

                                      b. Never is the grace of God a license to sin.

                                                i. Those that are practicing sin will be judged.

          III. ROM 3:9

                   A. Paul is saying, “Are we Jews, better than they, Gentiles.”

                             1. His answer is, No, in no wise.”

                             2. Paul has already proved that All of us are under sin and there is only 1 way to get rid of it.

                                      a. And that is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

                   B. ROM 3:10-18

                             1. These Vs here are taken from different parts of the O.T., mostly from the PSALMS.

                                      a. Paul is writing about the condition of all those that are under sin.

                                      b. That’s the condition that people are in without the Lord Jesus Christ.

                   C. ROM 3:19-20

                             1. In these Vs. Paul is saying that everything that we just read in Vs (10-18) applies to those under the law.

                             2. In (ROM 3:20a) Paul said, Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight.”

                                      a. The observance of neither the 10 commandments, nor the ceremonial law, nor any other part of the law can justify sin.

                                                i. Present obedience cannot atone for past sins. Whether for the Jews or us.

                                                ii. We can only be redeemed from our sins through the Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                iii. In (HEB 9:13 and 14) tell us that, The blood of bulls and goats cannot wash away sin. (From the NIV)

                                      b. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away sin.

                             3. In the end of (V. 20) Paul said, For by the law {is} the knowledge of sin.” (KJV)

                                      a. The LAW is used as a sign post of mainly one thing.

                                                i. It told us that we were in sin and there was no way out, accept for a saviour.

                                                ii. The law points to Jesus. But it also shows that we are in sin.

                                                iii. ROM 7:7

                                                          a. The law was not wrong, but the law was never meant to totally cleanse a person from sin.

                                                          b. That was the very purpose of the LAW to show that a person was in sin and to show our need for a savior.

          IV. ROM 3:21-22

                   A. Our righteousness does not come by the law but it comes by putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

                             1. Let’s just end with the reading of this last V. ROM 3:28

                             2. Works are not going to save anyone.

                                      a. Salvation only comes by putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

December 12, 1989 and WOLCC Thurs. 6/29/95

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