Faithlife Sermons

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Free for use by licensed users of Logos Bible Software. May be presented before live audiences. May be shared on the web as a link or embedded frame hosted by Faithlife. May not be re-distributed. May not be used commercially. May not be modified or included in published works without permission; contact Attribute as: “Copyright 2023 Faithlife / Logos Bible Software (”.

Feel free to show these to other people in church and classroom settings, but we don’t want you to make copies of the media file itself and make it available to others.

Rule of thumb: If you paid for it, it’s very likely that we want other people to pay for it, too.

By “may be presented before live audiences” we specifically mean to include churches, schools, conferences, or any other venue where there is a screen projecting material in front of an audience. By “live audiences” we mean to exclude webcasts, podcasts, or other production recordings that might be distributed for sale. However, if your church or school records live class sessions and posts them for free on the internet, that is allowed.

By “shared on the web as a link” we mean don’t save the file to your hard drive and then post it on Facebook or embed it in your blog. Instead, share the url, which will share a hyperlink to the file on our servers. By “or embedded frame hosted by Faithlife” means some widget, plugin, or other code snippet that you got from a Faithlife / Logos site specifically for embedding content into your page.

By “may not be re-distributed” we mean don’t copy the file and hand that file to others, either through the internet, or email, or by posting to a download site.

By “may not be modified” we mean don’t add to or take away from the finished artwork as presented by Faithlife / Logos.

Rule of thumb: If you’re loading this media up in photo editing software or placing it in desktop publishing software or word processing software, you may need permission. A specific exception to this rule is church bulletins, prayer cards, and classroom handouts: It’s okay to use Logos Free media such as Verse of the Day art in these sorts of paper “ephemera” that sometimes accompany live presentations or class sessions.

For information on how to submit a claim of copyright infringement under the DMCA, see Notice of Infringement (DMCA).