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None Beyond His Reach

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None Beyond His Reach

Isaiah 59:1

Israel’s main problem was that they had the oracles of God but were unfaithful in the performance of those things. In short they did not live by faith!

It should be of no surprise that in this fast paced quickly changing world of ours, People give little if any thought to God and or His ways.

Maybe you’re like the Jews of Isaiah’s time, who paid God a half hearted observance, daily justifying your sinful ways and excusing them, all the while wondering why He does not bless you or hear your prayers?

            Would you like His blessing?


Are you tired of living your life on the fence so to speak?


         Do you desire to be free from the penalty of sin, which only condemns a man?


Would you like to know the peace of God that passes all understanding, being set free from guilt and burden of sin?


Do you want to avoid the destruction that is coming at His judgment?

Then you need to know that there is no one beyond His reach!

I.   God is capable of saving all.  Vs.1

His hand is not shortened …nor His ear heavy that He cannot hear!

A.    Although all have sinned and fallen short of His acceptance, none is beyond His reach!

1.      There is no sinner too sinful.

2.      There is no sin that the blood of Christ cannot cover.

B.     He sees and hears every petition, sinful act, and thought.

It is here that people get confused. They rationalize, “if God can hear and see all, why does He not do something for me?”


They fail to understand that He is waiting for them.


            But you may say, “Waiting for what?”

Which brings me to point number two.

II.  God chooses repentance as the means of favorable reciprocation.  Vs.2

Why repentance?

Because sin separates as long as it abides.

That is as long as you see no problem with your life, you will see no need of God’s salvation.


            And yes, your life is sinful! Romans 3:10 says, “there is none righteous no not one.”


                        So as long as it is business as usual, there will be no change of destiny.


                        “For the wages of sin is death.” Romans 6:23.


A.    Repentance is a full rejection of sinful practice in the mind of the one who turns to God.

When you repent you change your mind and turn to God from sin and trust that He can save you.


1.      Needful, because sin is inherent.

2.      Needful, because as I’ve already quoted from Romans 3:23 “all have sinned!

B.     Repentance is not a work of man, but an acknowledgement of guilt and helplessness.

III.   God chooses to save by grace through the sacrifice of His one and only Son. Vs.20-21

A.    Only Jesus is the way the truth and the life.  John 14:6

B.     Only Jesus’ blood can atone for your sin. Hebrews 9:12

C.     Only in Jesus is there salvation and not in any other. Acts 4:12


The scripture says clearly to us, in Hebrews 2:3 How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;

Knowing the truth of these things presented this morning, it is for this reason we dedicate these two infants. We dedicate them to the Lord, and their parents dedicate themselves to faithfully bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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