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Be My Shepherd

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The Great Psalm of David, which can be recited by just about every Christian today. It is taught in the Sunday school Classes throughout the country. Yet, today we find ourselves not living our lives in the power of this scripture. I must say that even I have missed the mark for no other reason that failing to see the greatness of God eternal and sovereign Power.  The Power (authority) to do what he chooses without compromise or approval from anyone. He has done a tremendous job of caring for you and me in spite of what the devil and his enemies sought to do against us.

Our Heavenly Father has always ensured we are protected and provided for.....I was very disappointed in myself, but thanks to God for his tender chastisement. I realize and appreciate God is fulfilling his Word in my life. For it is written "To whom much is given much is required." Now, I am so much more confident that if I fall short the Lord will meet my need as he promised. I am appreciative that today that he's still adding daily to each of our lives (spiritually/revelation), our homes (financially/substances), our minds (mentally/peace), and our bodies (physically/healing).

Today...I'm going to change, I am tired of being frustrated when I should be having fun, I am tired of being disappointed when I should deliriously joyful...Today, with the help of The LORD, I am going to move back to the place where I should be....Into the sheepfold.....Under the protection of the Great Protector. Not my mother, father, or family member but "the secret place of the most High....under the shadow of the Almighty." I'm not going back to get what I lost but I am going to move forward in repentance and humility to receive what I want for the Shepherd.

David writes this Psalm with comfortable confidence in the Lord...that he will provide what he wants (to have a strong desire).  A strong desire for something that is wanted to fulfill a desire that produced by our Soul, Mind, or Body.  David says the Lord is (presently) my shepherd (protector, leader, provider, and watcher). Therefore, because he is my shepherd any strong desire (want) that I have can be met by the Shepherd. Now, allow me say this before you get to happy....He will never me a want that is not in line with the Power of his Eternal Purpose.

Yet, whatever righteous thing that I want (have a strong desire for), comes from God. If you will look at Moses, he saw the disrespect for the children of Israel and was moved by God to assist them that were weak. Then find him siding with those that were weak verses staying in the House of Pharaoh. Paul says it this way "Let this mind be in you, that also in Christ Jesus..." So, therefore God cause you and I to move with desire that you don't understand that you might fulfill your purpose/destiny within the Will of God.

David says in Psalm 1 "whatsoever I do will prosper", but I must be in the will of God. This Psalm....if recognized and embraced in faith will change your outlook on life.

If the Lord truly is my Shepherd (guide, leader, protector, keeper, and caregiver):

1.     I then should not want for anything. For Jesus said "I am the shepherd of the sheep, the good shepherd"...John 10:11. I shall not want...I shall be supplied with whatever I need; and If have not everything I desire, I can conclude that it is either not fit for me, not good for me, or I am not mature enough in God to have now, yet if I trust him and grow I will have it without the desire.

2.     I need not fear any evil danger or difficulties that come our way. Psalm 37:1 - 2 David says "Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity...for they shall soon be cut down like the grass." Don't worry baby God will work it out for you and for me!!!!!

1.     Our experiences cause frustration and weariness but He makes us to lie (to stay at rest in a horizontal position). He knows when you need a rest from the worries of life. He knows what it takes to get you to rest, think about it you almost lost your mind but God slow things down forget you mind together. It could be card of thanks, a vacation, a meal, a sunny day, or a Word from the Lord that changed it. Psalm 37:16 "The little that a righteous man has is better than riches of many wicked." 

2.     When you have been attacked by those that who tried to destroy you, we have a tendency to wander away from God. We get so distracted with the issues that God has to step in and stop us fainting. The lead us in a path of righteousness, it's the internal duty of the Spirit of God that is in you. Because the attacks are design to cause you to question the Power of God. But the Power of God is design cause to stand in the difficulty.

3.     Even the imminent danger, death, shadows of despair, or sickness...God is ever with me. There is no need to fear, because his Word and Spirit are with me. He comforts us with his rod and staff...The shepherd use the crook was used to account for the sheep.Jesus knows them that are his...Staff was used to drive away the dogs that would scatter the sheep and cause them to become uneasy. He will not allow you to be made uneasy if we know him as our Shepherd. The Gospel has become the rod of Christ, Psalm 110:2. So, if we can just believe his Word there is nothing that can stop us if we have Faith in his Word.  

3.     He will ensure that we have everything that pertains to our life and godliness. He prepares a table of all things that nourish and sustains me. He allows me live in bounty in the presence of those that have tried to hurt me. Those that sought to dig a ditch for you fell in it....They sought to set ambush you were destroyed. In other words these things can only be realized when you're walking forward not backwards or standing still. Then there is an anointing "Favor" that is on you in the presence of those who think you don't deserve it God still gives it.  When he does this he causes "my cup runneth over..." He will ensure I have enough for myself and enough to help others.  

2.     The result of making Jesus your Shepherd you will have goodness and mercy follow you (as you go in and out among the people throughout this world you there is a power of that goes with you.) You shall be a changer of atmospheres... I shall have a place in the house of the Lord...The house of the Lord shall be my dwelling place not just for today but every day, all day, forever..

Do you have a Shepherd.....someone that cares for you....someone that watch out for you....?

If you don't, let me tell you about Jesus Christ...The Great Shepherd....

Whatever you need God's got it for you. If you can believe you will want for nothing.

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