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The final passover

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Frank and Margaret Newman

Introduction (v. 1-3)

Jesus’ example (Love)
Judas’ betrayal
Jesus’ departure

Jesus’ example (vv. 1, 4-20)

vv. 4-11 - the act
“We today, just like the disciples that night, desperately need this lesson on humility. The church is filled with a worldy spirit of competition and criticism as belivers vie with on another to see who is the greatest. We are growing in knowledge, but not in grace...” - Warren Wiersbe
vv. 12- 20 - the lesson

Judas’ betrayal (vv. 2, 21-30)

v. 22 - no one knew
v. 26 - only John heard
v. 27 - Satan enters (Job…God allowed)
v. 30 - Judas departs

Jesus’ departure (vv. 3, 31-38)

v. 31 - “now”
Exalting Jesus in John The Cross and the Glory of God (John 13:31–32)

In the death of Jesus, we see God’s holiness and love, righteousness and mercy, justice and grace, sovereignty and humility, wisdom and patience. If we want to understand God, we must study the cross. If we want to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, we must study the cross. A crossless Christianity is a Godless Christianity

v. 33 - “little children”
v. 34 - “A new commandment”
First, a new standard for love.
Second, the definition of a community
Exalting Jesus in John The Disciples Are Part of a New Community

Every organization is identified by certain characteristics. If you see a big, brown truck with yellow letters and a man dressed in brown steps out to deliver a package, you can identify the organization. Churches should not be identified by a white steeple, a sign with clever sayings, or a large wooden cross; they should be identified by the quality of one member’s love for another.

v. 36 - “you cannot follow”


The Lords Supper (1 Corinthians 11:23-31)
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