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A Mission Mindset

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Acts: The Final Chapter  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  24:56
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Colin talks us through Acts 28:1-16, reminding us to set our gaze on God and His promises, serve those we have been placed with now, and support and encourage our leaders.

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Peter Grainger's acts of preaching course. Earlier this year, I'm not a theologian normal Christian who loves Jesus and he wants to know and Poland more challenged by this passage over the last few weeks and I'm excited to share with you what I find.

It has been a strange couple of weeks, hasn't it? Since it at ten days ago, with the country's been reflecting on the reign of Queen, Elizabeth ever mention her GT. Don't know what mine said, she must have had the cap to going right to the end welcoming in the new prime minister of just two days before she died. In a documentary a couple years ago with a queen described. What was like to wear the Imperial State Crime which apparently is extremely heavy. I love that you must have to keep your head. Very still and the queen says yes. And you count Luke time to read the speech. You have to take the speech up because if you did your night go break, and it would fall off, it was more worried about the crane falling off the internet. Breaking amazing what a mindset. So we'd be traveling through tonight's over the last few months, until we come to the last year, who get the privilege of seeing up close for the Apostle. Paul's Mission mindset is after a 24-year epic journey of missionary service since he first came to Faith In Jesus after all these years of service good news about Jesus. What can we learn from Paul's Mission mind-set? That's what we're going to think about it today as we carry on, through the story. Before we do have a quick That 28 years of the book of Acts and 20 seconds that possible. Let us has died on the cross and comes back to life to meet with his followers. He promises them that'll be filled with the Holy Spirit. Event manager. And she seems to promise that they will be his Witnesses. Drag the surrounding Countryside and to the ends of the Earth at 3, the rest of this week, we see not flee. This, we see Jesus, for always being filled with his holy spirit as a result, they changed their able to do things, just like Jesus has done and they're filled with a new movement to talk to people about the good news of Jesus.

It's not like Jesus Promised. This starts in Jerusalem breaks out into the surrounding areas. Mean a mile comes to Faith In Jesus start sharing, they could use with people who aren't Jews against him into trouble with the Jewish authorities, jailed wait, 4 years in prison. And eventually after appealing to Caesar's a trial and room, last week we saw I was prison ship was going to storm all set for disaster but miraculously old 270 people on board survive up to Rachel is going to come up for us this morning. So we're on Acts chapter 28 from verse 1. Has My Size Big 28, little one. Not some page, 11, 26 of the Church. Pike.

We found out that the island was called Malta. The island of Shadows unusual kindness. They built a fire and welcome those old thick and it was raining and cold pool guy that a pile of brush wedges on a Viper driven out by the heat 500 South on his hand when the island is. So the snake honey from his hand, they said to each other is my must be a matter of whether he has escaped from the sea, the goddess justice has not allowed him to live. But polshek of the snake Into the Fire and stuff with no ill effects. The people expected him to swell up with suddenly full dead but have to wait in a long time and seeing nothing unusual happened to him, they change their mind and said he was a god. Are we going to stand here by the belonging to Publius? The Chiefs official of the island? He welcomed us to his home and showed us his generous Hospitality for three days. His father is an embed suffering from fever and dysentery who went in to see him. And after prayer, I placed his hands on him and healed him. When they said happened, the rest of those on the island. Should they honored us in many ways? We were ready to sell? They furnished us with the supplies we needed. After three months, we put out to sea in a ship, the hood wintered in the island. It was an alexandrian ship with the second batch of the twin Gods Castor and Pollux we put in at Syracuse State. That three days from the gym. The next day, the South Winds came up on on the following day. He only does invited us to spend a week with them and so we came to Rome the brothers and sisters that had heard that we were coming and they traveled as well as a forum of obvious and the three toppings to add people. I'm so done with encouraged when we go to the pool was allowed to live by himself with the soldiers to guard him.

Thanks Rachel.

What did you notice that there were three season. So we had number one, the beach on Mocha number to the governor's house or state ID. Number three, the travel Montage to your room. So first of all, let top of the first scene on the beach from the library of the Shipwreck Matthews miraculously survived onto this beach and Malta. And as soon as you know what, this reminds me of some stories. A man was hit by a car in New York in 1977 go up an injured, but when a bystander told him, to pretend he was hurt, so we could collect insurance money. He leave. Einstein in front of the car. The car rules for rent in Creston today. Surprised Frostburg doing a house in Antwerp Belgium a thief fled out the back, door claimed over 9. Ft wall drop down and found himself in the City Press. You think you've escaped one thing and then bhang Po's mindset inspires me so much. You just seem so unflappable was the reaction of scream, baby, a medical consult with dr. Luke have a prayer meeting or offering a sacrifice old school bus over too busy to shakes of and Carries On.

Because he's got his gay sat on God, and his promises. Call newest. He must spread the good news in room. He's been praying about it for years and then Jesus appears after Falls almost being beaten to death in Jerusalem, not tonight. 23, I need help all. He must go to room again in the middle of the ship. Right. Cuz we were using for the last week. An angel appears reassures poll of his calling, to go to room to call Smitty's promises to Paul, even when something comes along with your seemingly derail, all those promises, you know who's the God will make incredible? Faith is a process of hearing, God's promises and living a life that trust in response. You might say well appeared to me in a vision. He's not made me any promises and he has he has goes most important. Most glorious promises for you are and the Bible is pappu to start reading the Bible and you'll soon come across lose last night for a stroll. Pull it just some random promises that they are open to everyone. Who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved from jul. And James took draw near to God. He will draw near to you. He bruised his great one. Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have. Because go to said, never will I leave you never will I forsake you Pretty good. It ain't like I'm fighting these promises. You don't know where to start. My Bible reading notes, start with an, i or even getting hold of a copy of something, like the checkbook of the bank of Faith by Charles Spurgeon. That was recommending it to me. So classic daily reading because I said promises from the Bible, alongside a short devotional thought, all of us here to deliberately stock up. Our minds are the promises of God, a tent to let slice of trust in response. So balls, not too bothered by the snake, but look at the reaction of the locals. They are loving the drama. They are literally waiting for Paul to swell up, Keel over and die and are pulling a range until it happens and what's more. They made up their mind if this is going to happen to Bolton must be because he deserves it right survivorship rights and get bitten by a deadly snake. Eventually didn't die despite being bitten by a snake. Must be a God by post response to the Islanders when they think he's a murderer, then I called again. Weirdly previously Enlisted, the Lucas decided Paul was a Gordon

Is that maybe yet for his senile fickle? The world's opinion can be you can be praised, 1 minute and despise the next and yet sometimes often none of it is deserve. How tempting it can be together then how your day can be ruined when you decide someone is upset with you. or how do you can start to believe your own hype and get caught up in chasing preet as a gpe, I've seen, hybrid Fusion of social media has coincided with an explosion and anxiety, a mental health problems, especially in young people Whether you'd call your self a Christian or not, how much do you need to start putting down your phone, then, your word is okay. For other people. Think about you start picking up What God Says You Are. The good news is that there is a God, whose opinion about you say, Martha says he's made you. He knows you and he loves you. It doesn't make sense who folks, to believe, not on one hand. And on the other hand, continue to lower ourselves to be held hostage to the opinions of others.

Light pole, instead of being blown around by the opinions of the world. We try to set our Gaze on our heavenly father on his promises. Okay. Thanks. See. They are welcomed up to the house of the governor of Montana is sick. So he goes and prays for him on the man is healed. The wrestler Islands here by the spring, everyone is sick and then Paul heals him to interesting. Send the very last chapter in the book of Acts, we see America was extremely similar The Americal that Jesus performed right at the start. Publix other big, The Big Lick. Same thing. Peter's mother is a mother in law's second bad. Jesus goes to her. She's healed. And then the rest of sick people and they are brought to Jesus to be here too. So here at the end of Acts just as it cost was reaching out towards the end of the Earth, we see Jesus's followers embodying Jesus and the wait is it the Performing Miracles and caring for the sick and exactly same way that he did make sense, right? Just a thought we'd have been tempting for Paul to sit this one out. You've been through a lot recently, persecution imprisonment trials, shipwrecks, have a winter Malta, for three months, to wait for the weather to improve. Thanks my dude, went ring a motor, right? I'll be, alright, maybe it be tempting for him to think that is. God telling him to rest out, the only strong calling to go and speak in room. And this is his penis book is for years, and it's not within touching distance of instead of taking a sabbatical. I'm polishing the speeches, he will soon be delivering to Caesar in the bigwigs in room. Is he in with the local people meeting their needs in the way that is available to, I think this is the second thing we can learn from Poles. Mission Lance, at E-services heating place with knife. Miraculous healings might not be the way in which God wants you to serve those around you. But use what he has given you to see. It's great to be given a calling from God, maybe you feel cold and the teacher to certain country and people with a certain need, maybe to work towards a certain qualification great. But the Temptation can be to focus on eyes gusev Lee 2.4 we miss and need to remind us 9 Maybe. And you being so focused on why God is going to do three in the future, when I'm with these people want him in that country plan. I have that job that you're missing what God would have. You do not We got nice thing that God has for you might not be as exciting or glamorous or even difficult, but it's what God has for you tonight. So don't mess up the friend. Things might be super exciting. We may or may not come to pass in the way you're expecting. But the night, well, it's here night. By the way, if you wouldn't consider yourself a Christian, could it be that you're making a similar mistake and setting your sights so much in the fan that you're missing the night? I can do it some people over the years who say they believe, but our offer and expect will happen at some point. Later, one of my flatmates is exactly why this what is this you to do? You say to yourself or you probably will believe in Copan the future for an maybe when this happens when of read more of the bible plan in the Nevada, police plan of sorts of this or not act, I can't what you mean. Maybe you need to take a leap of faith. Start with all those fans and start following Jesus night.

If you feel this is you who needs to start folding Jesus night, but you don't know how to do or what to do next. Why not grab someone after service but you can speak to a friend who believes if you're here with one or you can speak to me or to any of the leadership team. Finally, our lasting travel Montana in March. The weather is better. An off the set, again, the Syracuse, which is modern-day swiftly. And then finally, on to mainport for room, Kitty Willy Paul, and his traveling companions up for the week. By the way, I love this mental image of Paul leasing a pyramid thing. Is he dead forever? You staying so we can leaving a meeting. Everyone has not rained in a circle with a century in their legs crossed it and then make the sign of a sweet tea room. Isn't it touching that the Believers from room where I walk 43 miles there, I'm 43 miles back again just accompany him on his final leg of his journey. 86 Mi. Incidentally is the current length of the Q in London. And how long will it take to go? Find brother. When were Paul mainly from the last of that you wrote to them two or three years earlier than the Romans which is an incredible piece of writing, even knife many say that sir favorite food in the Bible, The Roman believe recipes, soup last before, his ministry, to them, even already that they want to make the effort to go and encourage him. And in turn, I think this is the third mission mindset that we can learn. In the story, we learn it from the local believers. They support and encourage their leaders and other believers who are suffering for their faith, I find this challenging over the years of being a Christian are being blessed on so many occasions were so many gifted leaders inside my head. I recognize a good thing and I'm grateful, but don't say anything because if it's obvious to me, then she went to person blesses of those then, surely it's obvious to them, right? I mean, that it doesn't know this isn't here is obviously a model of humble leadership. Rachel is obviously and such a blessing to people with young families, John and Alan are obviously gifted worship team leaders, right twinkle obviously full of positivity and joy. That is contagious. Peter obviously amazing Bible teacher and he's Training others to do the same as amazing. The Soviets, right? So I don't see anything. Maybe this is coach role as Brits were great at some things to you. But other things like verbal encouragement, maybe not so much. If you thought about someone in your head could it be because he wants you to encourage them with us and which case I thought was right? Not encouraging. So it doesn't belong to you that belongs to them so I guess I'm not encouragement. I do notice Paul's reaction here. It's actually only the only time in this passage that were tools explicitly. Hypo thiells says He's encouraged. To next time you see someone is passing other believers, even if like pole they looks like they have all together, their own sinkable Unstoppable. Please encourage him or he was a challenge. Why don't you take a moment right now? I think about someone whose faith has positively impacted you recently.

Why not tell one person? Why don't get your phone out of the end of the service or no? Messenger.

But there's another thing going on here isn't just an obviously get to Caillou bless his people. This Legend is also someone is being persecuted and he was suffering for their face. I need Believers. Take the time to practically meet his needs and encourage him. I think we also need to make it our habit to support other believers. Take a lien, other parts of the world are suffering for their faith. You may have come across the operation 90 boots operation, 19 versions of operation, world pics in the 90s mix at stats for each country in the world, the levels of persecution, how you can pray for believers there. Won't surprise you to know these pics or not and you get daily updates to remind you to pray for the Believers and a different country that today in the shower. Why not? Download operation world and start praying for those Believers. Just make it part of your routine. There are also amazing Charities, working with the persecuted church. For example, many of you will be aware of or even support the work of open doors to whether it's financially but prayer, or by sharing a word of encouragement. So, important, we encourage other believers. Take away our leaders, particularly those suffering for their face so quick recap. What lessons can we learn from the mission? Mine South Pole in the other believers who here we go. I don't know if you noticed but I got three asses just like a snake. hey, mister

make me happy. So number one, set your gaze in God and his promises. Let's start worrying that something might go wrong. I'm fretting. What people think about us? Let's focus instead on what God says about us and what he's promised. Us number to serve those. You can place with my maybe go to the Grand designs for your future, but for now, let's not get too distracted by the plan. And let's focus on the way so we can serve my Number three, support and encourage cheerleaders and other believers for suffering. For their faith is not forget our brothers and sisters across the roads are being persecuted. And, let's not forget, encourage you to bless us, especially test, right left, right?

father, thank you so much for the incredible because it's an inspiration that these early Believers are Please help us to fix our eyes on you, and Jesus start worrying about opinions of the world. Please help us to do the thing you have for us tonight. Even if there are super exciting things coming up, please help us to build each other up especially our leaders who often need just an encouraging word and help us. Not forget other believers who are suffering persecution. How wonderful it is to be part of the Great Commission and to hear the Believers who have gone before us. Cheer us on as we take, hold of your promises and live a life of faith. We know we don't have the strength to do this but Christ in US does 2. Holy Spirit Works through us and help us run the race to the end.

You only just remember that there's three asses but you won't remember for their I'm sorry for that on God and his promises serve. Those you have been placed with my support and encourage your leaders and other believers who are suffering for their faith. Now,

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