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Inspiring Them to Give

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Outstanding Christian leader and founding pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church identifies five principles for inspiring people to give.

♦ The EDUCATION principle: Both believers and seekers need to be reminded of the practices of biblical money management regularly.

• The INFORMATION principle: Be sure to present to the people exactly where the church stands in terms of its giving and provide a clear accounting of how the money is being spent.

♦ The KISS principle: When it comes to finances, he concludes, complexity kills — so Keep It Simple Stupid!

♦ The principle of STRATEGIC DISCIPLING: We need to disciple our people concerning their stewardship responsibilities, invite them into the game, and challenge them to take their gift seriously.

♦ The VISION principle: People don't give to organizations or to other people, Hybels suggests. They give to visions. We must therefore help our people imagine the kingdom good that will result from their giving.

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