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The Foundations of Successful Living

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Genesis 3:1-24

              Every single week we find the news filled with stories of people stealing, raping, killing, etc.  Violence is so common that some ministers are now recommending members bring guns to services with them.  Commentator after commentator attempts to identify the causes and/or persons responsible for this outpouring of anger and destruction.  Politicians blame one another’s programs and failures; civic leaders blame the system; ethnic groups point fingers at one another; and every now and then someone has the audacity to put the blame on the individuals acting ugly!

            The answers everyone is searching for can be found in the Scripture we read just a moment ago.  God created a perfect world and inhabited it with perfect creatures.  But God had an enemy.  Satan is an angel of immense attraction and beauty.  Unable even to confront God in hopes of deposing Him, Lucifer has chosen to hurt God by depriving Him of that which is most precious to Him – mankind!  To Satan’s horror, he has discovered that God had a plan of redemption prepared for just such a contingency.

            The overwhelming majority of people now believe that society’s problems can only be resolved through governmental intervention - spending more money on social welfare programs.  More governmental influence is not the solution to the problems facing us.  King David asked the question, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  (Psalm 11:3).  I believe that we need to invest more effort into strengthening families.  The family unit is God’s means for preserving His influence in this world.  If husbands and wives follow God’s plan the Church will be able to exert its influence to save the world.  For this reason, Satan has expended his greatest efforts to destroy the model Christian family.

Satan’s Lies

I.                   Traditional Values Deprive Life of Meaning

A.    Marriage and parenthood are a curse

1.      You must think only of yourself

2.      No other person can be allowed to become more important than what you want

B.     Don’t listen to your heart it will lead you to make mistakes

1.      You can’t have a career and a family

2.      Your body belongs only to you – not to God, your spouse, or your children

3.      Children will ruin your life

II.                Men and Women Are Just Alike

A.    Why shouldn’t women act like men have traditionally acted?

1.      Drinking, partying, and loose in their morals

2.      Don’t follow the wrong examples

B.     Men are to love and lead

1.      Putting the needs of wife and children above all other considerations

2.      Setting the proper example for their household

C.    Woman/motherhood is a trust from God

1.      To give birth and to nurture

2.      To be an example of faithfulness and modesty

3.      To support the husbands godly efforts at providing the necessities

God’s Truth


III.             Men and Women Can Have It All!

A.    If willing to work for it

B.     If willing to accept God’s plan for marriage

Our society is rapidly disintegrating due to the breakdown of Christian values.  It is past time for the Church to fulfill its responsibility to be salt and light!

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