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God's Will

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My Testamony, My Thank You And Understanding of God”s Will

My Testimony
Around May of 2021, I was sick and having a difficult time breathing. I already had COPD but my O2 level wasn’t good and I was drenched with sweat. At some point I came out of my bedroom and told my wife I couldn’t remember how to put my pants on. My wife insisted I go to the hospital, but deliriously, I protested. She called the paramedics and I resisted so she called the police since they all know me. I guess the officer convinced me to go, I do not really remember, but I said I would only get treated, not be admitted. Well, I was very bad and was admitted with pneumonia and Covid. My stay was 5 day and my lung specialist checked on me daily. I was a handful to deal with. Long story short, I shouldn’t have survived I was later told by my pulmonologist.
Later, in September, I went to urgent care with a sore throat that had lasted at least six months and swollen glands. The doctor gave me some heavy-duty antibiotics and sent me on my way. I set up an appt with my ear nose and throat Two weeks later I went back and he urged me to go to the emergency room to get an MRI. I went, this was around the end of September and beginning of October. They sent me in for my MRI and the doctor reading it was the partner of my ear, nose and throat doctor. The doctor saw I had an appt. with my doctor in a week and said nothing of the results. He instead told me to ask my doctor at the appt.
When my doctor saw me, he looked at my MRI, examined me, and then stuck a probe down my throat. When he finished, he informed me I had stage four cancer in my tonsil, throat and glands in my neck. He referred me to a surgeon at IU. After speaking to the surgeon, we opted for robotic surgery instead of just chemo and radiation. The surgeon set the date for November 8th.
Apparently, surgery went well, and the doctor said he was certain he had gotten all of the cancer. The next day, the 9th, later in the day, towards evening, the nurses tried to lay me flat on my back. I protested and said I couldn’t breathe. It felt like I was drowning. The following day, November 10th, the day of my release, my doctor came in to check on me. I told him of my feeling of drowning and sometime during our talk, a vein fully ruptured in my throat. He put his finger in the back of my throat to stop the bleeding and was shouting for assistance. About this time, I told him he was a good doctor, and a few moments later, I was out. My wife witnessed it all and can better tell the details of what happened next, but what I understand is they could not get a tube down my throat to suction out blood or to ventilate. Also, there was no scalpel on the entire ICU floor. The doctor shoved towels down my throat to help stop the bleeding and luckily my doctors associate happened to come by and had a scalpel in his own personal bag. I coded before they got my trach and died. Apparently, I was dead and blood flow was obviously cut off from my brain. I am not sure how long I was dead, but my wife says it was over five minutes. They finally got the trach in place and started putting air into my lungs with a bag while giving me heart compressions, and I was brought back. However, because of the time without blood and my body’s reaction they put me into an induced coma for 11 days.
In the next day or so, the doctors came into my room to inform my wife that my chances of survival were quite low and if I did survive, I would not have much if any kind of a life. My wife immediately spoke up and said,” You do not know my God and further you will never speak like that inside this room again!”
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