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Matthew 13:53-14:13. Jesus rejected at Nazareth, John is Killed and Jesus redraws.

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Matthew 13:53-14:13. Jesus rejected at Nazareth, John is Killed and Jesus redraws.
After Jesus finished teaching and explaining some of the parables, he went to his home town of Nazareth 2:23, after Jesus Baptizem he had settled in Capernaum, (4:13). He visits Nazareth. And it seems to go well, he teachers in the synagogue, and the people are astonished, that could be good but it seems from what follows that it is not a good astonishment, more an unbelieving one.
The people question where Jesus got the wisdom (Sofia) and ability to do mighty (Dynamo) works. – Because they knew his family, Jesus was known as the carpenter’s son? They knew Jesus’ mother and siblings. How could a person we know get this wisdom and knowledge? Instead of believing they take offence at Jesus. (What about us, do we take offence at Jesus? Why or why not? Other people bringing things up we need to change to follow Jesus?) (A crucial question to ask our self and everyone ells.) Familiarity, can cause resentment or lack of awe and worship, does that happen sometimes to us? – Yes, yes, God is great, but I got real problems? Yes Jesus salvation is what I live for but, I got things I need to get done?
Jesus responds that a prophet (humble all his life not using powers of God to display who he is but does at this moment say that he is a prophet). is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own house. And are often rejected, because the ask people to turn back to God instead of living for them self, (Worshiping other Gods, doing unjust things against the poor and needy instead at helping their neighbor). In their case rejecting Jesus the promised Messiah. Because he grew up in their village so he could not be the one.
Jesus does not do many signs or mighty works because of their unbelief. (They don’t what to believe, so the signs would not work, to change their minds about Jesus). Do I have a limit to what Jesus can do? If I do what can I do about it? Get to know Jesus better, and cultivate, awe, and thanksgiving… more… Reread re live hear testimonies.
Matthew puts a contrast to the people in Nazareth, Herod (Antipas son of Herod the Great), heard about Jesus’ fame, so the people in the village don’t believe. But the local /tetrarch 3 steps below a king, thinks that Jesus is John that has been resurrected. I am not sure why Herod would think that, other than his very guilty conscience and fear of rebellion. Herod had put John in prison, (he did not kill him because he was afraid of the people that did believe that John was a prophet) John was put in prison because had said that Harrod could not take his brother’s wife as his wife… which makes good sense… But Herodias was not so happy about that. So angry that she looked for a chance to get John killed. And the day came on Herod’s birthday, after the daughter of Herodias danced before the people at the party, Herod makes an oath to give her whatever she wanted. Herodias sizes the moment and gets John’s head cut off. Then we see in the text, why we should not make rash and, grand promises and statements, because even Herod was sorry, but he had bound himself by his oath, and all the people heard it. (Foot in the mouth – I will do this if this happened or let you yes be a yes and a no a no. – Do you care what you look like before others?).
But Herod does not recant but follows his rash oath and gets john head cut of in prison. It must have been a strange part of the party when the people from the prison bring the head of John on a platter for the girl. Oh, that guy lost his head… And why did John die, well he spoke the truth, but it cost him his life. (What about us?)
In verse 12 Johns disciples came and took Johns body and buried it, and after they went and told Jesus what happened. Jesus withdraws after the news about John. He takes a boat and goes to a desolate place by himself. A family member John was killed a prophet, the one that was preparing the way for Jesus. Sad, mad, frustrated, wanting to spend some time alone, Jesus goes way.
What does that say about Jesus? – About us? Human and God he suffered los as we do, rejected by people we grew up with, his family member gets killed, God what are you doing? This does not seem to work? Ever said that? Our just in your head? God I am serving you and things seems not be going the way it should? What do you do? Check your phone? For better news, stream a series? Do more work?
What does Jesus do? (Humanity of Jesus – He is not a robot – God powers and feels nothing).
He goes away… What he is the savior of the world how can he just go away…
Well, it thinks it puts our view of ourself in to perspective, if Jesus can take time to go away, and trust God, pray, lament, greave, ask God questions why things seem to be going the wrong way, would it not be good for us to do the same?
Might we even get a clearer picture of what God is doing as we spend time with Him? Would our frustrations, poured out to god find a better response in God, that to other people or social media? In is also permission to lament and grieve los, talk to God about fears and the road ahead. Why? Because we were never meant to do this life by our self, but deeply rooted in Christ Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirt, live life with God, it is not promised that it will be an easy life, it will hold, los, grief, sadness and tears, and if we are very faithful, persecution.
What are you saying? It the Christian life not a good health, and all my dreams and aspirations come true for me and my chidden? Well, that depends, are the goals and aspirations yours? Or are they what God has laid out for you to walk in? As the parable of the weeds and the net said, there will be plenty of evil in the world until the end.
The hope and Joy we have is the blessed return of Jesus Christ, when all things will be made new, - Even now we can set our hope and trust in God, as he showed us in Jesus Christ, his life, death for sin, resurrection for righteousness, and by the power of the Holy Spirt we can live lives as lights and salt, in this world, knowing we are depend on God, all the way back to the beatitudes, we know our need for God, and live in them with joy and dependents – God using us as ambassadors for him, for true life and joy and grace in our Lord.
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