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How to Lie and Get away with it

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1. No matter what lie you’re telling, say it effortlessly. No pausing, no making stuff up on the spot, no twitching. You will be casual and calm or you will fail. Pretend you’re an actor; no matter how hard the enemy grills you, you’re not going to crack because it’s just a movie.

2. Step 2

2. Maintain eye contact. Looking up and to the left is a subconscious action that is associated with story telling and lying. Down and to the right is remembering. Either is suspicious. Maintain eye contact.

Step 3

3. Believe you can get away with anything. You are untouchable, and invincible. You are Master of the Truth. You don’t need it to tell you anything, because you have your own version.

Step 4

4. Make sure your stories are believable. Give up enough truth to get you into a small amount of trouble to draw attention away from the real issue

There’s really only one problem: You never really get away with it.When it comes to our sin, you and I have an amazing ability to lie to ourselves. As the famous Christian counselor and Church Administrator, Tony Sebastian, said: Sin makes you stupid!

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