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Jonathan & Kimberly wedding

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Wedding of

Jonathan Toews & Kimberly Braun

August 10, 2003




            Groom & father/minister

                        Please remain seated during the entire processional

            Bridal party together

            Bride & father

Parental Blessing



Exchange of Vows/Rings


Kimberly and Jonathan,

            You have come together here today to make a covenant of marriage. When Jesus talks about marriage in Matthew 19:6, he uses the phrase “what God has joined together.” When we come together, we often emphasize the commitment of two people for each other. Life and scripture, however, teach us that the lifetime commitment of two people is difficult, if not impossible. You have desired that what Jesus speaks about is truly the case for you. You want God to bring you together. Both the covenant you make and the act of God bringing you together are important and the words and acts of the next few moments will reflect these things. So in a moment, I will ask you to repeat your vows to each other. Then, after you have made your vows, you will exchange rings. As the rings are made of gold, a most endurable metal and are an unbroken circle, so they are a symbol of a love that lasts a lifetime. When you wear them and see them, you will be reminded of the covenant you have made. Then, in a prayer, we will ask that the covenant you have made be sealed with His love, so that it is truly God who brings you together.

Jonathan, please declare your vows to Kimberly:

·        Kimberly, our new life together is impossible without the grace, love and involvement of God. 

·        God needs to be actively involved in our lives, and we need to let him in.

·        So I vow to seek God intensely for the rest of my life because he is the one true God, his will is perfect, and he cares for us deeply. 

·        It is for this reason, and this reason only that I am able to stand before you, and all of our friends and family, and say “till death do us part.” 

·        I make this vow to you, and before God, who is here with us today. 

·        Let’s pray…

·        God, I praise you for today, and for the relationship I am able to have with Kimberly.  I also praise you because she is seeking you every day.  I praise you for the beauty of her entire being, and that you put her together in your perfect will.  Please bless the rest of the day, amen.

·        Kimberly, in light of what God has done in my life,

1.     I vow to you, myself. 

2.     I vow to love you, and to keep you safe. 

3.     I vow to respect, and adore you. 

4.     I vow to listen and communicate with you. 

5.     I vow to cherish you and hold you in high esteem.

6.     I vow to be selfless and humble.

7.     I vow to love you as Christ loves the Church. 

8.     I vow to keep you accountable, and encourage you in your walk with Christ. 

9.     I vow to continue on in my relationship with God. 

10.                        I vow that our home will be a shining light to those around us, that they may see Christ through us. 

11.                        I vow all of this regardless of the situation that we may come upon in life. 

12.                        I vow this as long as God decides to keep us on this earth.

·        I love you. 

1.     I love you because of your kind and gentle way. 

2.     I love you because I am attracted to your entire being. 

3.     I love you because you inspire me to grow in my relationship with God. 

4.     I love you because you are meek and powerful. 

5.     I love you because you have both inner and outer beauty. 

6.     I love you because you laugh at my jokes.

7.     I love you the way you are, which means I love you at this moment in time, and this moment in time, and this moment in time.  It also means that I will love you the way you are 5, 15, 20, 50 years from now.

8.     I love you because you are Kimberly, and I love you Kimberly. 

  1. I love you for an endless amount of reasons, and I look forward to exploring the reasons why I love you in the many years to come.

Kimberly, please declare your vows to Jonathan:

I love you.  In front of God , our family, and friends, I joyfully make this vow to be your wife.  By the love I know through God’s love for me, I covenant to love you throughout all the paths of life we will walk together, whether joyful, or stormy, or in the everyday.  I want to encourage and support you in your gifts and individuality.  I want to take interest in the things that excite you, encourage you to express yourself through music, and embrace all that makes you unique.   I want to bring smiles and laughter into our home so that you are better able to spread your joy that is so contagious.  I want listen to you with gentle and loving heart to all that you share with me in life.  I want to encourage and challenge you in your personal relationship with Christ as we strive to make him the center of our lives.  I commit to join with you to seek the meaning and fulfillment of our lives under God; to support you in whatever ministry opportunities he will lead us to and to share with you the responsibility of building a home that reflects Christ’s love.  By God’s grace and with Him as the center, I commit myself to this marriage relationship made in love, kept in faith, lived in hope, and continually made new as long as God gives me life.

Let us ask God to bring you together as husband and wife:


Father in heaven,

Thank you for Jonathan and Kimberly. Thank you that you have drawn them to yourself and given them life by your Spirit. Thank you that you have brought them together. Thank you for the love that has grown between them. You have heard the vows that they have made to each other. We know that by the strength of human love and commitment, these vows will be hard to keep. Therefore, we ask that you will join them together so that they will be one. We ask that you will help them to keep the commitments they have made and that you will help them to grow ever more deeply in love for each other. We ask that they will be kept by your power. We pray that you will bless their love and their life and that through their life you will be glorified.


You may express your commitment with a kiss.

Signing /slide presentation

Presentation - Kimberly & Jonathan Toews

Kimberly - 355-4941.

Registration Number - C 0112

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