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Phone call.
She would like begging literally begging.
All right, so without further Ado, I just want to introduce our speaker of the our own lady.
I'm going to ask you to rise to your feet, as we welcome her this afternoon.
Thank you amen.
Amen, amen.
Let the redeemed of the Lord say, so I have been redeemed.
Thank you, sweet.
Holy Spirit, while we're standing, please agree with me.
I pray that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, the Lord be acceptable in your sight.
Oh God.
Let let it be decreased, and your son.
Jesus Christ, increases as I spread, the good news of Jesus, the Christ this morning, that someone somewhere in the name, of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit.
And Let the church say, Amen, praise the name of Jesus, you may be seated and the presence of God this morning.
I'm excited this morning for so many things.
Hallelujah, first.
I give honor to God whose head of my life.
He got direct my steps.
An honor to my husband.
Praise the Lord.
Pastor Borg.
I welcome each and every one of you here in the presence of God at New Life, Brother.
Richard and his wife is the Palm.
Go to see you again on our welcome guests.
All the way from Guyana, I'm not going to call everybody never here.
So few why not sister Tina?
Deaconess, brother, Chris.
Oh my goodness, the men are few today but glory be to God.
Now, I am excited and honored at the same time because the message that I'm about to give to you today.
It was dictated to me on June 10th 2020, to buy our own brother Amish mg.
So I pray that you received something from me this morning.
This message is for you and it is for me, it is what he wanted to say to you.
This is his last message.
The scripture is coming from 2nd, Corinthians chapter 6 16 to 18 but when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth, his son made of a woman and made under the law to redeem them that were under the law that we might receive the adoptions of sons and because you are Sons, God has set forth the spirit of his son into your hearts.
Crying Abba Father, wear for the one, no more a servant, but a son and heir of God through Christ Jesus.
So today we're going to be talking first about the relationship between Jesus and his father.
Then I'm going to bring it down to you and your father, is that alright for you must understand that you are the child and not the father.
There's a special relationship between Father and Son just as it is for mothers and daughters.
Today, we just going to focus on fathers and son.
It's a special kind of relationship from the very way we express ourselves.
Some of us safe, Daddy.
Papa father.
We have so many different ways to call Dad, but it signifies a Christmas It was also the same way with Jesus in Matthew 11.
It says, at that time, Jesus said, I praise, you father, Lord of Heaven and Earth that you have hidden these things from the wise, and the intelligent and revealed it to the infants.
Maybe you are an infant today in Christ.
Maybe you are a babe today in Christ.
Either way the name of the message is for the ramage is speaking.
Now, I am a Son of God.
That's what he said that he is.
He was a son of God.
He wanted me to tell you that you can be a Son of God as well.
This is what he says, even though, Abba means father.
It is almost always followed by father.
There's a point for the weeknd's album and leave it there, but it signifies affection confidence, and trust it signifies the close intimate relationship.
It said that he was at the time.
He was saying, I am a Son of God.
Questions about how do you know that you are a son of God?
He had an answer for that.
He said, because I exalted him in my thoughts and in my behavior.
And in my conversation, I exhausted my father.
He said, he knew that he was a Son of God because he knew his father's will.
You see when you are in the family?
like to take over for me, for example, my middle name is Ally car, every time we meet another alicopter, one of the first things we say his name brand,
You know, he accept that name with pride.
We hear a lot of stories of crazy things, our family have done, all we can look at each other and say, yes, she look like my father.
Yeah, he look like he looks cuz you start to take on that the resemblance of your relatives.
When a child is born.
First thing you looking forward to see who he look like, who she look like that?
No, that's not his child mama.
I know that's not his child.
Take it to Maurice's know the test results reveal that you are.
Not the father.
but I'm here to tell you today, that you can be a child of the king just like, brother ramage was
You going to feel discouraged, sometimes you're going to feel like you can get a break.
You going to feel as though, you can keep your head above water, sometimes it's happened to Jesus.
Jesus said, let this cup pass from me, but never left that.
I will be done.
If it's good enough for Jesus.
It's good enough for me.
If it's good enough for Jesus.
It's good enough for you.
Jesus was the son.
I want to realize that you don't have to understand what your parents are saying, what they're doing to tell you to do something that's all, you got to be concerned.
If you better do it or else.
Things happen.
When you disobey your parents, Jesus did nothing on his own initiative.
He relies on his father for information.
Run around what you wanted.
You to know that you need to discover your sonship, you need to tap into it really know who you are and whose you are God values.
You, but first, you have to know that you are the child.
And if you are the child, You going to share in The Inheritance.
We have people killing parents for the money, we have children, killing their parents and grandparents for their inheritance because they can't wait.
What up here to tell you?
Today, we will inherit all the blessings on the riches of Glory.
If we are a child of God,
No. Need to beg.
No need to borrow.
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