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"I Am the Son Of God"   •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  25:24
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On June 10th Brother Dayaram “Ramash” Mangalram dictated the the notes of his last message to Lady P. On July 23rd, 2022, Brother Ramesh went home to be with our Lord. Here is that Word of God, presented by Lady P.

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Phone call. She would like begging literally begging. All right, so without further Ado, I just want to introduce our speaker of the our own lady. I'm going to ask you to rise to your feet, as we welcome her this afternoon. Thank you amen. Amen, amen. Amen.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say, so I have been redeemed. Thank you, sweet. Holy Spirit, while we're standing, please agree with me. I pray that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, the Lord be acceptable in your sight. Oh God. Let let it be decreased, and your son. Jesus Christ, increases as I spread, the good news of Jesus, the Christ this morning, that someone somewhere in the name, of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. And Let the church say, Amen, praise the name of Jesus, you may be seated and the presence of God this morning. I'm excited this morning for so many things. Hallelujah, first. I give honor to God whose head of my life. He got direct my steps. Hallelujah. An honor to my husband. Praise the Lord. Pastor Borg. I welcome each and every one of you here in the presence of God at New Life, Brother. Richard and his wife is the Palm. Go to see you again on our welcome guests. All the way from Guyana, I'm not going to call everybody never here. So few why not sister Tina? Deaconess, brother, Chris. Oh my goodness, the men are few today but glory be to God.

Now, I am excited and honored at the same time because the message that I'm about to give to you today. It was dictated to me on June 10th 2020, to buy our own brother Amish mg. So I pray that you received something from me this morning. This message is for you and it is for me, it is what he wanted to say to you. This is his last message. The scripture is coming from 2nd, Corinthians chapter 6 16 to 18 but when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth, his son made of a woman and made under the law to redeem them that were under the law that we might receive the adoptions of sons and because you are Sons, God has set forth the spirit of his son into your hearts. Crying Abba Father, wear for the one, no more a servant, but a son and heir of God through Christ Jesus. Yeah. So today we're going to be talking first about the relationship between Jesus and his father. Then I'm going to bring it down to you and your father, is that alright for you must understand that you are the child and not the father. There's a special relationship between Father and Son just as it is for mothers and daughters. Today, we just going to focus on fathers and son. It's a special kind of relationship from the very way we express ourselves. Some of us safe, Daddy. Papa father. We have so many different ways to call Dad, but it signifies a Christmas It was also the same way with Jesus in Matthew 11. It says, at that time, Jesus said, I praise, you father, Lord of Heaven and Earth that you have hidden these things from the wise, and the intelligent and revealed it to the infants. Maybe you are an infant today in Christ. Maybe you are a babe today in Christ. Either way the name of the message is for the ramage is speaking. Now, I am a Son of God. That's what he said that he is. He was a son of God.

He wanted me to tell you that you can be a Son of God as well. This is what he says, even though, Abba means father. It is almost always followed by father. There's a point for the weeknd's album and leave it there, but it signifies affection confidence, and trust it signifies the close intimate relationship. It said that he was at the time. He was saying, I am a Son of God. Questions about how do you know that you are a son of God? He had an answer for that. He said, because I exalted him in my thoughts and in my behavior. And in my conversation, I exhausted my father. He said, he knew that he was a Son of God because he knew his father's will. You see when you are in the family? like to take over for me, for example, my middle name is Ally car, every time we meet another alicopter, one of the first things we say his name brand,

You know, he accept that name with pride. We hear a lot of stories of crazy things, our family have done, all we can look at each other and say, yes, she look like my father. Yeah, he look like he looks cuz you start to take on that the resemblance of your relatives. When a child is born. First thing you looking forward to see who he look like, who she look like that? No, that's not his child mama. I know that's not his child. Take it to Maurice's know the test results reveal that you are. Not the father. but I'm here to tell you today, that you can be a child of the king just like, brother ramage was

You going to feel discouraged, sometimes you're going to feel like you can get a break. You going to feel as though, you can keep your head above water, sometimes it's happened to Jesus. Jesus said, let this cup pass from me, but never left that. I will be done. If it's good enough for Jesus. It's good enough for me. If it's good enough for Jesus. It's good enough for you. Jesus was the son. I want to realize that you don't have to understand what your parents are saying, what they're doing to tell you to do something that's all, you got to be concerned. If you better do it or else.

Things happen. When you disobey your parents, Jesus did nothing on his own initiative. He relies on his father for information.

Run around what you wanted. You to know that you need to discover your sonship, you need to tap into it really know who you are and whose you are God values. You, but first, you have to know that you are the child. And if you are the child, You going to share in The Inheritance. We have people killing parents for the money, we have children, killing their parents and grandparents for their inheritance because they can't wait. What up here to tell you? Today, we will inherit all the blessings on the riches of Glory. If we are a child of God,

No. Need to beg. No need to borrow. You will inherit all of God's blessings 1st. Peter says, this is an inheritance is Incorruptible, Incorruptible, undefiled. And it faded not, and it's reserved for you in heaven, not just for anybody, but for a son on for a daughter, you can be that today if you are not the son, also speaks of his father's work and he shares in it,

Whatever Jesus did is because his father asked him to do it or told him to do it and he didn't, whatever we are going to do. First thing we have to be is obedience.

Jesus said unto them when he was when he had lifted up the son of mine, then shall you know that I am, he And that I do nothing of myself but as my father has taught me. I speak these things. Brother ramage said, sunship, does not imply weakness, but it does. Require total surrender. Surrender it all Withholding Nothing. The song write this All to Jesus, I Surrender.

Be careful what you're singing. If you're not a son of God, sometimes we could sing Lies. We may not outright alive, but we start jumping and singing, I surrender all when, you know. Inside about your sister, you didn't surrender of the song, just sang Sweet. The music is nice. That's all it is. I've been jumping around like this with the anointing. This is the spirit of God, not, none of that, but we can understand it because we're not in the family.

You can know my family secrets if you are not part of my family, I can talk about my brother with my sister. I'm not going. Yeah, you hear what you tell me, what don't tell me you know. All right. Call my sister and say your secret but don't tell her I said, you know, we can do that because we are family. But you don't try to do it because I'm Puerto Rican, turn around on you.

You, you don't have the rights of family. If you are not family, you may become.

And I hear people say when they adopt a child or I love them jump as if they're my child. There is no just as if it's your child or it's not, there's no need for. This thing is between one adopted and one is not if they're equal to 10 different my child. No explanation necessary.

The father, nor the Son, and the son knows the father. You going to have troubles as soon as you accept Jesus Christ, as Lord as your savior, I'm here to tell you, your troubles begins. Because the devil has just lost something. Maybe you were a great worker for the devil. I need love you to Jesus, but now he's going to throw all your weaknesses at you.

Some of you men are witness the women tall, women shorts, women, thick, women thin women like skin, dark skin, curly hair, not be here you have your preference, some of the women in our descriptions God is going to bring all of them right in front of your face. Coming out of the woodwork X's will start coming out of the woodwork. That's when the trouble begins. But let me tell you, the Bible says one, not if, when you pass through the waters, somebody knows where I'm going. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. Somebody, when you go to the river overtake you and where do you go through your fire? You will not be born, you would even got scratched. That's what my Bible. Tell me for I am your lord. I am your God, you are my servant and no one could pluck you out of my hand. God said, I work, who can reverse it?

I am a child of God. I am a son of God. What a Blessed Assurance. Thank you. Father, for being my father with God, you will be safe. Hallelujah here and hold you in the hollow of his hand. He will raise you up if it's B has left for you to stand Blessed assurance. Jesus is mine. Oh, what a foretaste of Glory divine. Job Stafford for a long time job has some friends, I tell you they did come to see him, you know, some friends, they don't even come but your friend came. The only problem is distilled so far apart that it didn't make no sense that they were there. And they all were mumbling amongst themselves, all them children, nice, good-looking children, 79 wife, so many Catholics here, to do something wrong. That's why God made us think that they have to be so far apart party full of sword. That's not even his wife would come near him. She's even got tired, she said, with all of this, you might as well just Curse God and die.

But let me tell you jokes that you speak, like, one of those foolish women for, I know my redeemer lives. I didn't realize. Praise Him. Hallelujah! Somebody Brother rabbits, run through his storm, brother Roberts, went to his fire. Hallelujah. But he held on like job is not ready for Steven Randall Grace and he knew his time was coming. Let me tell you, he was ready. The man. Brother rabbits was ready to see his father. He was a Son of God. You might have to walk this road alone sometimes but that's all right. Don't have any tree that is planted on good ground. You want to get big and tall and strong. Plant yourself on Solid Ground. Fertilizer pruneau-polli. We've brought letters Nursery florist to Bear some fruit.

Here, I will give you some benefits as I close. A being a son of God.

There's an intimacy. We can call him any hour of every day. As long as we seek him, we will find him find him. As long as we call him, he will answer. There's an authority. We have to stop being babies all the time. Somebody said something that hurt your feelings, you quit. Don't let it go to work. I just have to deal with all of these demons and he's mine, you know, Quest, only God, you're quitting Church, you quitting.

Start getting your mind together because now is a time where we need to come together. Some people say or church, I could have charged it in my heart. I could have church at home. When I'm here to tell you something, you can do anything. I told you can't have this at home. You can call us up in the sanctuary at home. When one of us are Supreme people, don't 1000 10,000. Look at how many of us here today.

Come and get yourself together and bring yourself into the sanctuary of God. Hallelujah, there's a certain security. Because he said, fear, not for I am your lord, your God, no one could take you from me. Because I am here, when you go to the fire, I am here. I will be with you even to the end.

Here's another thing, don't forget the inheritance, even though we are sharing in the blessings, we will share in the suffering. We will also share in the suffering when you mess up the family name, you're going to have to pay for it.

When you are in the family of God and your mess up the name, you going to have to be disciplined for it. Thermoflex going to have to be disciplined a little more than others because some of us are so rude and stubborn and no daddy said so, but I don't understand it. And if it was my choice, I would have done it this way. But let me tell you mind your business and let that parent deal with that. Child, mind your business. You had some information, you don't know all of the story that some of us are. Burn, like the three. The song I shall not be moved. But let me tell you something, you are the one that God is going to put into that washing machine and twisting and turning around throw you off anywhere, and bring you back down when you hold your little tight for you. Yeah, I'm still here even though I'm here. Sometimes we are self-inflicted sufferers.

We stood our self in the foot just to see that we could shoot.

You don't know what you're doing, for your ship yourself. In the finger, trying to set up something. Let me tell you something, you better learn the word of God. I'm telling you everything that is in the, you said to put on the family likeness, the characteristics of God. Just talk, talk talk like Jesus did. I tried a few times and some people think I'm trying to make a fool of them, you know, sometimes what Jesus did. He's a monster. Why are you talkin to The Prostitute? And Jesus has been down in the ground with a right into the sun. We will do this. What would happen if you do not watch what happen, you can come up with the answer.

Making it simple for The Simple Minds. Why shouldn't he talked to the prostitutes? Why shouldn't he talked to her a bottle and a drink on the smoker? They are the ones. That's not the one that needs not the same thing. He did not come to save The Righteous. He comes to see if that's which was lost.

Some of us don't want to talk to the crackhead and some of us don't want to talk to the people smoke it, but you're not smoking. I'm blowing in my face, I will tell you about Jesus Christ.

That is what my responsibility is because we got adopted brother. God actually in Plants his likeness and his characteristics into your heart. So that time you feel like telling somebody off is when you smile because you start to take on a different personality, we are saved, but we still humans. Sometimes you can.

But that's when you smile. Then you say 15 depending on how holy you are, you say things like help me, Holy Ghost.

Help me. Jesus, the song says, what? I'm singing. I Want You to Help Me Ride, while I'm preaching. I want you to help me. When I'm talkin to, some of these Demon Lord, Jesus walking down the road. I want you to help me while I'm in the grocery store. I want you to help me.

Ivory bear. Don't like this. On the suffering we become more and more like Jesus of a father and everything on in every way. Including your attitude. Christian, people are some of the people with some of the worst attitudes, You always know more than the pastor for one, not always. But some of them. There's no filter in any of them, not because something pop into your head, means it should come out of your mouth.

I'm just here to tell somebody. That's not in my message but it stopped since they had, it should not come out of your mouth. It happens to all of us and happens to me that I sent who I did. I say that Lord. Jesus have mercy.

But I'm here to tell you, you can be born again, you can be adopted into my family. You can, my father could be your father, you can you don't even have to like me as a sister. You have to love me but you don't have to like me just because we have family, you can get the share in the blessings to You will get the inheritance to you can be a Son of God. Today is your day of salvation. 20, who are today? Hallelujah. What do you like the opportunity? Jesus already gave us the opportunity. He laid the foundation. What more do you want him to do? There's an invitation for you today to be a Son of God, to be in the family of God. You just need to say, I believe you just need to believe. That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and God raised him from the dead, and you had send it into heaven, and he's coming again. You just have to decide in your heart. From this day. I will live for Jesus.

Jesus is Calling You Home. Your father is waiting just like the prodigal son. Come on home. He's waiting for you. He wants you to inherit everything that he has made for you. After all, he formed you hit made you, he received you, he saved you. I need coming back. He's preparing a place just for you. You don't have to worry about how big my house is. So big by Mansion. Is you can get one of your own. Hallelujah. You going to be walking in that lily-white rub. Hallelujah, you got to have your heart from your crown. Hallelujah. The only thing is There's only one catch. You must be a Son of God. God bless


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