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Last week we are starting a new series this morning.
Tilted Yes, You: Fulfilling God’s Purpose.
This four-week series explores the lives of a few unlikely people whom God used to do amazing things.
Through the stories of David, Rahab, John Mark, and Gideon, we will see that God uses the small, the outsider, those behind the scenes, and the timid to do amazing things in the world.
We looked at David.
This boy the least likely to succeed.
We saw how David was able to face everything and stand up to Goliath.
When no one else would.
David was able to use thing he knew.
Instead of relaying on the king armour.
God can use you with what ever you are willing to offer.You do not have to every deal crossed off.
The story of David emphasizes God’s control over his people and his sovereignty in choosing whom he would work through.
If you are willing to let God me in control.
If you are willing to say God this is for you.
Will you be faithful to let God use you, even when you think your are small .
This morning we will be looking at our next person in the series that God choice to use.
That Rahab.
So if you have your bible go head and turn to Joshua 2:1-22.
If you do not have your bible the verses will be on the screen in a few moments .
before we look at today story I have a question for you.
So think for a moment.
Do you remember choosing teams for dodgeball or basketball on the playground as a kid?
If you were the kid who was overlooked or chosen last, you probably felt pretty bad.
I was this kid.
I was always pick last.
You see I was not very athletic growing up.
Do you still have people in life that you think little of?
God loves to choose the people we overlook, and he often uses them in ways we wouldn’t imagine.
One of those people we meet in the Bible is Rahab.
Rahab was a citizen of Jericho before the walls came down.
Rahab hide the spies
Joshua had sent this two men to look and see what was going on at Jericho.
How would they be able to take it over?
That what they were look for.
We not going to get into why this men went to her house.
Rahab was a prostitute.
In all they should have stand far way for her.
You see she would have been looked down upon.
Like most prostitute are today.
This women took upon her self to save the two men.
Rahab lied to the king’s guards
who came looking for the spies, saying she was not hiding them.
Her house was a safe place to hide, since it was an inn and on the city’s wall.
Rahab took a risk and placed her faith in the God of the Israelites.
“When Rahab hid the spies, she sided with Israel against her own people.
It was an act of treason!
We would think taht
Rahab would be the last person God would use
Rahab the prostitute might have been the least likely person to help God’s people.
Prostitution was not something that the Hebrew people practiced and did not line up with God’s sexual ethics in the Law.
Rahab faith had a ripple effect in the Bible
The small act of faith by a minor character named Rahab had an important ripple effect in the Bible.
God showed his power to his people at the battle of Jericho and in the conquest of the promised land.
And Rahab would become a part of God’s people.
“Rahab’s bold act of hiding the Israelite spies is interpreted by the NT as evidence of saving faith (Heb 11:31; James 2:25).
We may call this her conversion experience because she turned from her pagan gods and from her people to identify with Israel and Israel’s God.
There are a number of ‘negative’ points about her conversion: She was a prostitute by profession; she lied to protect the spies; she was motivated by fear; and she struck a shrewd bargain with the spies.
Nevertheless, the glorious outcome of it all is indicated by the inclusion of her name in the genealogy of Jesus (Matt 1:5)
Rahab was the outsider to the people of God
but God used her act of faith to change the course of his people’s history in the Old Testament and ultimately bring about Jesus the Messiah too.
Who are the people outside the church whom we write off as too far from God? God can still use the Rahabs of this world to bring about his will.
Are you an outsider?
Do you think that God can never use me.
I have to much junk in my life for God to use me.
You never know just a little bit of faith can do amazing thing.
A little faith can move mountain.
You migth be the prefect person for God to use.
You just have to be willing to allow him to move.
Allow him to lead you.
Allow him to make you a child of his.
Yes, You can fulfill God’s purpose
The story of Rahab and Jericho describes God using the faith of an outsider to save God’s people.
We will allow God to use us—and those outside the church too—to bring about his will.
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