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Times of Great Difficulty, Pt. 2

Are You Ready? - For The Last Days  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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But realize this, that ain the last days difficult times will come.
2For men will be alovers of self, blovers of money, cboastful, carrogant, drevilers, cdisobedient to parents, eungrateful, funholy,
3aunloving, irreconcilable, bmalicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, 1chaters of good,
4atreacherous, breckless, cconceited, dlovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
5holding to a form of 1agodliness, although they have bdenied its power; cAvoid such men as these.
Thesis: My aim is to inform/remind that the wicked character of evil humanity will make the last days extremely challenging. To ignore or be unaware of that wicked character, would indicate one is not aware of the times we’re in. Even more, if we gravitate toward these behaviors.
Prevalent human behavior
This next part of the list are what Paul describes people lacking or it being absent from their character.
Disobedient to parents - This is simple to understand on the surface. The word disobedient literally means the absence of obedience to authority. So it’s not referring to the occasional, rather a full status. Why would this extent of disobedience make last days difficult to handle. Because parents are the first line of authority in a child’s life. It is to then translate to every sphere of authority in ones life as they grow and develop:
Application: I know we are aware of some children that seem like they don’t have an obedient bone in their bodies… Don’t care what daddy or mama say - Prov 17:25 A foolish child brings grief to their father and bitterness to their mother who gave birth to them… Beyond that, will disregard school teacher, sports coach, police, adults, and GOD. Purpose of discipline is to not ruin a child’s life. Deut 21:18-21.
Ungrateful - Without gratitude. It is clearly knowing all that one has and is, is not a result from their own doing, yet one doesn’t give GOD the appropriate recognition for all that he does to benefit life.
Application: It is a trait that is very prevalent because as Paul says in Ro 1:18-23 about Paganistic or worldly people, no genuine thanks to GOD. All these trees to build our houses (no thanks to GOD), water for drinking, irrigation, cleaning (), rocks metal and stones for machinery to build (), consistent seasons (), lungs and heart function uncontrolled by me ()!!! That also translates to parents and providers!!!
Unholy - A total lack of regard for what’s sacred. That being any and all things GOD has authorized toward him and others.
Application: That’s why we must always ask the question did GOD authorize or speak against a thing, so that we’re not conducting ourselves more according to what humans think GOD feels about a thing. Marriage bed is holy (Heb 13:4), In Christ we are holy (1 Pet 2:9), God’s name/reputation is holy (Ex 20:7). Yet we here Holy S, God D, GOD said this that and the other.
Unloving - Absence of love. But not the usual agape or phileo love we’re used to seeing. This is storge. This described the love witness between family members. Thus translators understood this as “natural affection”.
Application: The way daddy and mama dance, mama loves kids, kids run to daddy, siblings hurt each other and hug later as kids, cousins are like siblings. But when they can’t get along. Some of what we witness today questions how could you treat your own spouse, daddy, mama, brother, or sister like that.
Irreconcilable/Unforgiving - But sometimes those lacks of affection can be overcome. It’s this next one that makes life worse for us. It is the lack of reconciliation.
Ex. In ancient times, countries or people who weren’t getting along, come together and discuss better terms of their relationship. At the conclusion, when all agreed, they would pour out a drink to respect the treaty or truce they have made.
Application: It seems like this one has gotten thrown out for many people a long time ago. Even many professed believers, can be slow or totally reject any efforts to a ceasefire. No matter how many times and ways you encourage some people, they will not. Affecting believers, families, communities, businesses, foreign relationships, etc. Definitely a sign of THE LAST DAYS!!!
Conclusion: Do you realize this? Or have we been so naive toward these difficulties, endorse these behaviors, not realizing that is these prevalent behaviors that are threat to the community of GOD, and make life on this earth difficult in general. Do these behaviors characterize you?
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