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Bible Study: Moses & The Burning Bush. Exodus 3:1-22

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What are some of your favorite Activities to do in the morning? What are some places you consider “holy ground?” Why?

What truly makes ground holy?

CONSIDER (V. 6): What is significant about the way God introduced himself?

WORSHIP (VV. 5–6): Submission and reverence are still important elements when we come into God’s presence. Imitate Moses by taking off your shoes and kneeling down for a time of prayer. Offer yourself as God’s servant and intentionally submit to his will for your life.

CONSIDER (VV. 7–10): When has God answered your prayers after a time of waiting?

DIG DEEPER (VV. 11–12): Jump to Exodus 19:1–8 to see this promise fulfilled.

CONSIDER (VV. 13–15): What makes God’s description of himself so unique and powerful? How would you summarize what it means to worship “I AM WHO I AM”?

CONSIDER (VV. 16–22): When have you been asked to do a job that seemed impossible? Which of God’s promises in these verses seems the most outrageous? What about the history between Moses and the Egyptians made God’s promises even more unlikely?

APPLY: Over the course of your life, what has God used to get your attention? How would you describe the communication between you and God right now: A little static on the line? The line is tied up? The line is wide open?

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