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Breaking with Tradition

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Text: Luke 24:1-9

  • Intro:  The relationship between this story and the reason that the Church worships on the "first day of the week" rather then the Sabbath.  Easter sets the "tone" for all the Sundays of the year.

First day of the week"  = (V1) "First day not bound by religion

  • They had a burning desire to minister to the body of the Lord but their "religion" said they could not go.
  • This desire is proven by the phrase "early in the morning" (i.e. "as soon as it was acceptable to those who may see them.

 The need to become "defiled" in the sight of man to find Jesus (V1, 3)

  • They were willing to suffer isolation from their friends and family (according to the law) in order to minister to the body of Jesus.
  • "Entering in" did this.
  • Note that divine intervention made it possible for them to break the "law" - "The stone was rolled away.

 The initial confusion of those who brake with tradition and "enter in." (V3b, 4a)

  • They did not find what they expected.
  • What they "knew" in their heart what they must do - they were not equipped with the "experience" to give them accurate expectations.
  • This is often the position of the "religious" person who finally takes his first step of faith.

One must "enter in" by faith and the "vision" will follow.

  • They saw angels - They expected a dead body!
  • God exceeds the exceptions of those that break away and "enter in."
  • Because they "entered in" they would not be allowed to be in the presence of man BUT angels accepted them!
  • Coming to Christ may cost you earthly relationships but bring you divine acceptance!

The foundation of a new faith! It is not what you expect! (V5b)

  • It is not the worship of a dead, historical Jesus!
  • He is alive forever more!

The only way to be prepared for what God wants to show you is to "hear" (V6b - 8) "remember" His Word.

  • Note here that the angels preach the entire Gospel in 2 1/2 verses!
  • Repeat that Gospel

 There is a part deep inside you that will "remember these things" when you hear them(V8)

  • God made you by His Word - It is "in" you!

Conclusion: READ (V9)* - This experience has such impact that it must be shared.

Note that the others should not have accepted them - The religion forbade it.

Yet, there are others who will want to hear of your experience.

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