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Questions About Christs Church

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Theme: answering fundamental questions regarding the Lord’s church. Eph 4:1-6


A. Many Christians are continually asked by others (from atheists to others with religious convictions) about the church of which we belong.

1. We might give them a name: South Fayette Church of Christ.

2. We might share convictions on what/why we do, or do not do certain practices.

3. When pressed, however, some are not able to answer fundamental questions about the Lord’s church.

B. In this sermon we look at answering questions regarding Christ’s church.

1. How the Lord adds daily those being saved.

2. Why His church is NOT denominational.

I. How Does the Lord Add The Saved to His Church?

A. The Good News that brings salvation to all.

1. Jesus, prophesied as the coming Messiah (Christ), came into the world to take away sins. Acts 2:29-36 (Acts 3:18)

2. Those who believed the (gospel) message of Him confessed such, repented: turning away from their life of sin unto His Way of righteousness, and were baptized into Him. Acts 2:37-41

B. Salvation that is fair and balanced.

1. The Lord graciously calls all to His offer of eternal salvation.

2. Many are called, yet few are chosen. Cp. Matt. 22:1-14

3. The Lord expects man NOT to place burdens on one another that He hasn’t. cp. Acts 15:22-29

II. Why Is The church Not Denominational?

A. What makes a denomination?

1. Webster’s 11th edition: a religious organization whose congregations are united in their adherence to its beliefs and practices

2. Wikipedia: A religious denomination is a subgroup (example: Baptist) within a religion (Christian) that operates under a common name, tradition and identity.

B. The Lord’s church (all the saved) is NOT denominational.

1. Collectively, all the saved make up the nation of believers known as “the church”. Acts 2:47;
Eph. 1:22-23

2. Individually, it is made up of diverse individuals… all united by one Lord, through one faith and baptism. Eph. 4:5-6

3. Those outside of these fundamental truths are NOT a part of church that belongs to Christ.

C. The never ending debate among professed believers: what constitutes doctrine?

1. There are debates over the doctrine of salvation itself.

2. There are debates over “issues” and what one calls “faith” while another calls “opinion”.

3. In the end the Lord Himself will speak and all mouths will be shut… then all the saved will be separated from all the wicked and unbelieving. Rev. 21:6-8


A. Man certainly has a knack for complicating matters regarding the Lord’s church.

B. The fact is that the special marks that identify the Lord’s church is quite simple.

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