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Mothers of Great Faith

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Theme: A tribute to faithful mothers. Matt. 15:21-28


A.     It is a beautiful day of recognition as mothers in our country are being honored.

1.      Our wise God made mothers to fulfill one of the most challenging endeavors known to man:

a.       Raising up children who would thank, love, and honor their Creator.

b.      Loving their husbands in such a manner that brings glory to her heavenly Father.

c.       Doing all this with the current lifestyles that permeate through our Western culture.

2.      No doubt, such a tall task of motherhood can challenge the faith of the best of Moms.

a.       Many moms forget this simplest, most beautiful, yet daunting tasks of motherhood: their family’s salvation.

b.      Mothers of faith, however, strive to do everything with this goal in mind.

B.     Fortunately for us, the Bible reveals wonderful stories of imperfect women/mothers with great faith.

1.      Sarah (Heb. 11:10), Naomi (Ruth 1), Shunamite (2 Ki. 4), Mary, etc.

2.      These women serve as encouragement for today’s Mothers.

3.      They also serve reminders to the rest of us to be thankful and grateful to our wives and mothers and recognize them with honor. Eph. 6:2

I.             A Story of A Mother’s Great Faith

A.     A (foreign) Canaanite woman cried for Jesus’ help. Matt. 15:21-28

1.      Her daughter was cruelly demon-possessed.

2.      She was distraught and had no one else to turn to.

3.      Her only hope was in Jesus.

4.      Her faith in Him to save was evident by her conversation with Him.

B.     In the end, Jesus granted her loving request on her daughter’s behalf.

1.      His role was to save Israel firstly.

2.      But He saw in her a woman who begged of Him… knowing He could save…and persevered in such hope.

3.      She is definitely a mother of faith!

II.          Mothers of Faith: Does All For Her Family

A.     Desire the well-being of her family.

1.      This does not mean she ignores the needy outside her family. Prov. 31:20

2.      It is just that her family is her primary concern. Cp. Gal. 6:10

B.     Know only our Savior Jesus Christ can heal what no man can fix.

C.     Will persevere even when obstacles are in her way.

III.       God’s Reward For Mothers of Faith

A.     Her family will rise up and praise her name. Prov. 31:31; Eph. 6:1-2

B.     A godly heritage. Prov. 23:24-25

C.     She will have an eternal reward greater than any Mother’s Day.


A.     Mothers should be recognized, honored, and cherished each day.

B.     It is special that we take time out as a nation to honor what God created to be a special role in our lives before Him.

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