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Could this be the Son of David?

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What kingdom are we serving?

12:22- 32 Jesus Lord over demons, part 2 a house divided can’t stand.
It is great to have good friends that bring us to Jesus, like the paralyzed man, and this man who is oppressed by a demon, and he is blind and can’t speak is brought by someone to Jesus… God choice.
A shot note (Are we aware that is our mission? Not that we are to solve all people’s problems but to bring them to Jesus share the, - the hope we have in Jesus, where the burden is light, and the sin paid for and an invitation to live abundant in Jesus by his life death, and resurrection and his coming back to make all things new).
3 responses follow what happens next. First Jesus heals the man, and he can speak and see, amazing! A magical a sign that Jesus is who Matthew has claimed from the beginning and what the text ended with last time. (The prophesies from Isaiah 42 and 61) Jesus had compassion and heals the man showing who he is to the people. Will the people believe? Jesus is still living out the words God the father spoke over him at his baptizem. (Matthew 3. This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”).
The people’s response: They are amazed, - and ask the question, could this be the son of David? They are seeing what Jesus is doing, and they are starting to question, could this be the Messiah? The promised one the one the prophets spoke about? They are entertaining the possibility; they see the signs. It must be him but… then…
The 3 response is from the Pharisees, they hear about the event, they are not present they might be too busy trying to come up with a plan to kill Jesus, because he breaks their traditions. They do come up with a promote response. But they may not have given it to much thought, because as we will see Jesus takes their response and tears it apart, it makes no logical sense. What is the response? Jesus casts out demons by the prince of demons. We did shortly touch the subject previously PPT Matthew 3:33.34– but this time we will take a look at how Jesus dismantles the statement and proves that what the people are saying is true and what the pharisees are not. – A note before we do that. A way we might share the hope of Jesus is that in a loving way, point out if people are not making sense, I can give an example I was in a conversation, and the person was using one augment to his advantage but later in the convsation using it the opposite way, and I hope gently, point it out, - and to his credit he stopped and was thinking about it, and asked are you asking me to change my mind? I said I don’t know but it seems inconsistent to if you use and argument both ways. He to a moment then to explain clearer what he meant. But I think it can encourage us to shear ask questions about what people say if it doses not seem to make sense or seems illogical.
In verse 25 Jesus knows what they think, so the Pharisees are not speaking to Jesus, they just respond to people that saw what Jesus did and was starting to think that Jesus could be the Messiah. (responses without knowing? Or hearing all the case and people.)
What kingdom stands?
Jesus responds to what the Pharisees are thinking, (God knows what we think) - if people are divided fighting against one another in a city or a house a kingdom, it will not last, but come to ruin… (unification/disunity).
Okay Jesus that makes sense but how does it relate to this issue, - Jesus responds: If Satan is casting out Satan, he is fighting against himself and his kingdom can’t stand. (Jesus is saying it makes no sense for Satan to fight against Satan). Pointing out the absurdity of the argument.
Jesus’ ads a good pointe – if I cast demons out by Beelzebub, then who does your sones cast out demons by? And Jesus adds Therefore they will be your judges. Oh, so there is a judgment to reject what Jesus is doing. (It is an interesting them that Jesus say other people are going to judge the unrepentant).
Then the main pointe: If it is by Gods Spirt that I cast out demons, the kingdom of God has come upon you. Boom… Think about that… explain. -
But Jesus continues to explain, in verse 29. Jesus uses commonsense, if you are to steal from someone, you have to be able to overpower them and then steal what they have. Jesus is saying I man more powerful that Satan. I can take his things at will; I can bind him and take what ever I what. All is mine.
Jesus has destroyed their argument and stated that he is more powerful that Satan, and now turns towards the accusation, that Jesus is in working with Satan, or is filled by demons and that is why he can cast our demons.
When the people say: “could this be the promised Messiah”. The response was no he is just a man that is filled by a demon, or works with Satan. Jesus is not from God he is empowered by the evil one. (Today and then, there are evil spiritual beings and they do have some power to do signs, we see it in the exodus account, there are stories form Jesus’ time about different places about mediums, Delphi and the pit of smoke and more, voodoo, witchcraft, etc. Appalling to evil – Satan to do evil). All that to say not all that is spiritual is good there is evil also. We are to test the spirts 1. John 4. (About false prophets). PPT (Jesus is stronger, but a we praying and blessing others - others a cursing? And appealing to evil? Knowing Jesus has the victory). – This is a good quiston to ask also if you are are not a Christian, what are you hoping for what are you living for? What are you willing to do to get your dreams? Satan will give your dream as he destroys you.
Then Jesus in 30-32 gives the strongest warnings about calling him and the Spirt in him a demon or the work of Satan. Verses that have troubled some sensitive Christians, the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirt. Jesus speaks against the Pharisees, and say if you’re not with me you’re against me. Her I am working to gather people to God and you’re working against me trying to disperse people. I am gathering your scattering. 31 Good news our sins and blasphemy can be forgiven! Yes, amen, thanks Jesus. Gospel presentation.
But, blasphemy against the Holy Spirt will not be forgiven. Oh no, did I do that? Then I can’t be forgiven… - Well, let’s see, we can speak against Jesus and be forgiven but not against the Holy Spirt. Hmm… Then God shows us so much grace in sending Jesus, and people did and do reject him, and rejecting Jesus to the end, and believing that the Holy Spirt in Jesus is a demon spirt, that will not be forgiven, - the one that gives grace will not accept rebellious people saying that the Holy Spirt is a demon. (Don’t call what is good evil and evil good.) PPT explain the ppts. – notes:
It is also a picture of how Jesus protects and loves the Holy Spirt, the perfect fellowship and honoring and giving worth to one another in the God head. From where all our relationships are to be formed.
Who is Jesus and what kingdom are we living for?
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