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How to get the most out of a sermon

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Dont listen to judge the delivery of the message, listen to the message.

Too many people their first comment after a sermon is to critique the person delivering the sermon.
If you dont get something out of a sermon it’s your fault. There are times where a sermon doesn’t seem to apply to you. Read the passage and seek one take away.
Dont blame the speaker that God allowed to be there. If that is God’s ordainded mesanger, listen and respet the title while looking for a way to take one thing away.
We are to look for anyway we can take something out of the sermon
pray before each sermon/bible study for God to reveal His word to you.
Read the passage before coming if possible. Challenge your teacher to provide the passage before you come so you can prepare.
Lecture is the least effective way to learn. You much apply what you have learned within the next week or it will be gone and you have wasted your time.
If you get nothing out of the sermon, at least comfort someone. Walk around and meet someone new. Give a hug. Meet a youth.
Dont leave the church without glorifing God in some way
This applies to every ministry too.
you get out of it what you put in. If you just are present and you think you are doing enough you are missing it.
Your playing church and wasting your time. It’s not pleaseing to God.
Faith is the the way to please God. There is not much faith in just showing up.
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