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This Little Light of Mine

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“This Little Light of Mine…”

Mark 4:21-25


Big Idea:                Show Christ to the world.



  1. The Lord’s


1.       What We See

a.        Lamps Give Light

                                                                i.      Jesus is light

1.       John 1:1-18

2.       Vss. 4, 7, 8, 9, esp.

3.       Luke 2:32 – a  light to the Gentiles

4.       John 8:12 – Jesus said

5.       John 1:5 – God is light

6.       John 1:7 – we walk in the light as he is in the light

7.       Revelation 21:23 – Lamb is the light

                                                               ii.      Men are not the light (John 1:8), they possess the light (Matthew 5:14; Ephesians 5:8) but they are not the light itself.

b.       Lamps uphold the light

                                                                i.      We are lamps, and carry the  light,  for a dark, dark world.

1.       Matthew 5:16

2.       Isaiah 60:1-3

                                                               ii.      We are lamps and carry light for our own paths

1.       Psalm 119:105

2.       Is 42:16

c.        Lamps Must Not Be Hidden

                                                                i.      Luke 8:16

                                                               ii.      Matthew 5:14ff

                                                             iii.      Hidden lamps give no useable light.

d.       Lamps Reveal

                                                                i.      John 3:19

                                                               ii.      John 15:22-25

2.       What We Hear

a.        How we listen is important

                                                                i.      Only use of “pay attention”

                                                               ii.      Literally, look closely at what you hear

                                                             iii.      NIV – “Consider carefully”

b.       Good listening brings rewards

c.        Poor listening brings trouble


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