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Slaying Your Giants

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Slaying Your Giants

1 Samuel 17:31-34


Big Idea:                                You can overcome your challenges with God



  1. We stand this morning in the eye of a perfect storm. A crashing economy, a war fought on two fronts, an uncertain transition of power in Washington.
  2. Those large, global issues have local, very personal impacts. Job insecurity, retirement delays/fears, rising taxes.
  3. Sleepless nights and anxiety filled days have become the norm for many.
  4. Hope, strength and victory are yours in Christ!


                        David was Overwhelmed

                        David was not prepared to face Goliath.

                        David was alone and isolated

                        No one believed in David

                        David Trusted in God

                        David never doubted his ability in God

                        David met his enemy swiftly

                        David completely destroyed his enemy.

Application and Invitation

I.        Life can feel overwhelming

II.      Trust in God for Victory


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