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Conversion Studies Samaritan Salvation

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Conversion Studies: Samaritan Salvation

Acts 8:12-13


Big Idea:                Belief produces godly response.



  1. The Lord’s church is growing by leaps and bounds. Thousands have been added to the Way and are spreading the Gospel everywhere. Driven by persecution from their homes these brethren take their faith with them.
  2. The church’s first missionary is sent to neighboring Samaria, a region loathed by the Jews. Great success awaits his arrival.
  3. The missionary is Philip, first mentioned in Acts 6:5 where he, along with Stephen and 5 others are brought before the apostles and receive the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands.
  4. There is such great success that the apostles, who have remained in Jerusalem, send Peter and John to Samaria in order to give these new Christians the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit.


1.       Righteous Response Brings Rejoicing

a.        The nature of the Samaritan Response

b.       The reason for rejoicing

2.       The Amazing Becomes the Amazed

a.        Simon was a magician (MAGION) and quite good at it – he amazed people

b.       There comes a time when the Amazing Simon becomes Simon the Amazed

                                                                i.      Exodus 8:18-19

3.       The Second Law of Pardon

a.        Simon was a Christian but was an erring Christian

b.       One does not cease to be a child of God


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