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Conversion studies The unconverted Sanhedrin

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Conversion Studies: The Unconverted Sanhedrin

Acts 7:54-60

I.        Big Idea:        There are reasons why some people refuse to come to Jesus and be converted.


I.         Continuing our studies of conversions in Acts. Previously the Pentecost Beginning, then the 5,000 who believed. Different tact today: Those who were not converted teach us at least as much as those who were.

II.        The text:

A.       CONTEXT

1.       Early Days of the church; within a brief period after the establishment of the church but long enough for a program of care to develop and dissension to arise (Acts 6:1).

2.       Having been endowed with the Holy Spirit through the laying on of the apostles hands, Stephen is introduced as:

a.        Full of grace and the holy spirit (vs. 5)

b.       full of grace and performing great wonders and signs among the people (vs. 8)

c.        bring many to the truth of Jesus Christ (vs. 7).

B.       CHARGES

1.       Unfounded allegations of violating the Old Testament

a.        blasphemous words against Moses and God

b.       against the Temple and the Law of Moses

c.        in favor of Jesus the Nazarene

2.       Caused Stephen to be brought before the council (Sanhedrin) who allowed him to answer the charges.

3.       This council was the same one that had secretly sought the crucifixion of Jesus.

C.       CLASH

1.       The Old Testament Story

2.       The Charge

D.       CRUSH

1.       cut to the quick (vs. 54; ff Acts 2:37)

2.       covered their ears, rushed on him and cast him out

3.       stoned and killed Stephen



A.      Acts 6:10-15

B.      Some in our world are devoid of principles and morality and will not respond when confronted with truth.


A.      Acts 7:54 / Acts 7:57

B.      God preserves our ability to choose. Some simply choose to refuse.

1.       Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:5; 6:10; 7:55).

2.       The Sanhedrin resisted the Holy Spirit through their opposition to Stephen (Acts 7:51).


A.      Acts 7:51-60 / Acts 8 / Acts 12 / John 6:66

B.      Confronted with the panoply of God’s redemptive history as presented by Stephen, these learned leaders of the Jews refused to change; people today do the same.

Application and Invitation

1.       Ultimately, the Sanhedrin were UNSAVED!

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