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The widely expected 1,000 year earthly reign of Christ is perhaps one of the most talked about topics in religious eschatology today. Those professing belief in Christ are often heard to yearn for the return of Christ and the establishment of his kingdom here.

While such is a commonly held belief it is not a doctrine supported by careful Bible study. In fact, as we will show, there is no expectation that Jesus will ever again touch the ground of planet Earth. If you are a believer in the physical return of Jesus to establish a kingdom on Earth, please read on. Your comments would be welcomed.

Two Key Issues On the 1,000 Year Reign

There are two central issues that we will discuss here and we will set the stage for our study by asking two questions. First, will Jesus return to the Earth? Second, will Jesus establish a 1,000 kingdom centered on Jerusalem? We will approach each question in turn.

Will Jesus Return to Earth?

No Christian I know denies that Jesus will return. His lingering promise in John 14:3 reminds us that he will return. At the end of the New Testament we find the final words of Christ himself when he declared “Surely I come quickly” (Revelation 22:20). The question here is not whether Christ will return but what will be the nature of his return. Obviously this question is closely intertwined with the second question of the 1,000 year reign. If Jesus is not going to return to Earth then he cannot sit upon the throne of a 1,000 year kingdom centered on Jerusalem.

Will Jesus Establish a 1,000 Year Kingdom in Centered on Jerusalem?

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