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Stamp my parking ticket

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To John Barrier, it wasn't the 60 cents, it was the principle. Barrier walked into his bank to cash a $100 check and then asked the receptionist to validate his parking ticket. Even after mentioning that he was a "substantial depositor," the receptionist refused to do it. She explained that validation was only given for transactions involving a deposit.

That upset John. You see he was a contractor who often dressed like his construction workers and, even though he had millions in the bank, sometimes didn’t look like it. Barrier felt his appearance—those dirty construction clothes—contributed to his treatment. So when he received the same treatment from the bank manager (He said the bank manager looked at him like he'd "crawled out from under a rock"), Barrier contacted bank headquarters with his complaint. No one even bothered to return his call, so he started emptying his account, $1 million at a time.

According to Barrier, "If you have $100 in a bank or $1 million, I think they owe you the courtesy of stamping your parking ticket."

Isn’t this how we often treat God? We mistake the difficulty we are going through as evidence that he must not be whom he said he is and we treat him like the bank clerk treated the millionaire. We act as if He’s a penniless pauper, or a impotent fraud who can’t deliver on anything He promised and the result is disorder, doubt, and distance.

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