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Pastor's Prayer

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Any of you ever had that experience. Don’t you think that we sometimes sound very foolish to God? I don’t know that He gets amused, but I believe He just might. He might, that is, if we even bother to pray. While many people, even those who admit to being unchurched, pray in some fashion, statistics tell us that only 16% of pastors are very satisfied with their prayer lives. On average, a typical pastor spends 39 minutes per day in prayer. That may seem like a lot to you until you discover that in any given week that amounts to less than 2 % of his total time. And that’s a pastor! Here’s a guy whose life is devoted to serving God and who, if he’s the real deal, at least, realizes that he surely can’t do it on his own, yet he spends less than 2% of his time each week asking for God’s help. Why is that? Why do pastors not pray? And, for that matter, why do lay people who really claim to know God fail to talk to that God?

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