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The Web page is the first impression that many peo­ple have of the Bellevue Church in Springfield, Mis­souri. Reading the introduction of the ministers made me laugh and want to meet them. Here are excerpts:

unCOMMON pastor, Hunter Sherman. Who knows how old? He won't say. He is a professor at Baptist Bible College, a husband to the world-famous Louisa Sherman, and a father of two. They are old enough to be married, but they just love him too much to do it.

unCOMMON worship pastor, Rob Willis. He is too young and I won't tell you how old. He is currently a top manager with Atlas Security in Springfield, and will give you lots of free window decals if you ask. He is the father of two youngins' and a husband to his wife. That does make sense, doesn't it? Her name is Krista Willis. You may have seen her shopping.

unCOMMON youth pastor . . . the Milfman! a.k.a. Kevin Maloney. He is currently working his way thru BBC and making a killing as an MCI WorldCom sales machine.

A church can say a lot to the community in their vision statement. This church wants inquirers to know, "Our vision in short . . . to love you and live with you—churched or unchurched?

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