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Climbing Out of Bad Experiences

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Children are wonderfully different. When my son, Jered, was nine months old he began to pull up on every piece of furniture that would hold his stocky frame. For weeks, he maneuvered his way around our home, until one day, he took his first step alone.

Now it was a step of only inches, but we all cele­brated as if he had run a 10-mile marathon. On the other hand, my daughter, Danna, crawled at the age of four months, before she could even sit up. We assumed that she would be walking within a matter of weeks. Danna had a different plan. She never pulled up on a single piece of furniture. She never took "a" step. One day, when she was 10 months old, she stood up and ran across the room. Jered and Danna both walk extremely well today as teenagers, but they both began with tiny steps and with a plan that was uniquely their own.

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