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1 Samuel 7_2-6 A needed revival

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                       A NEEDED REVIVAL

                        1 Samuel 7:2-6

Needed: because of the condition of the Jews.

Effected: under God, by the influence of one man.

Marked: by features of a peculiar nature.

Vital need of religious revival today.  Must not be confined to talk and conventions, but must be met by action.  We must be thankful for this opportunity.

I.  A General Concern About the Presence of the Lord

    A. The bitter effects of transgression.  We have lost God.

    B. America as a nation is built on the prayer meeting.

    C. Prospered by God. Defaulting. Embezzlement.

    D. Let us come back to find God. Let us long for his favor.

II.  Earnest Attention to the Word of the Lord

    A.  We need the old Gospel.  Spoken with Holy Ghost power,         faithfully and zealously.

    B. To test the sincerity of our desires and purposes.

    C. To instruct us in our duty.

    D. To encourage is in the hope of deliverance.

III.  A Sincere Renunciation of Sin Against the Lord.

    A. A proof of the genuineness of our repentance.

    B. Positive acts of obedience and piety (for example, the     Ephesians burned books worth 50,000 pieces of silver).

    C. "Put away the gods from among you."

IV.  A Public Consecration to the Service of the Lord.

    A.  Sincere humiliation on account of former disobedience.

    B. Solemn vows of obedience.

    C. Prayers and supplications for divine mercy and help.

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