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1 Corinthians 12_1-31 Team spirit

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                  TEAM SPIRIT

             1 Corinthians 12:1-31

Playing on a team is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  When you mess up, they are the first to tell you to hold your head up high.  I know that feeling.  But, when you hit a homerun, over-the-fence, out of sight, crushed out of the yard, they are also the first to greet you at home plate with high-fives and smiles.  (I know that feeling too.)  But the greatest "team" is the Body of Christ, Sky View Baptist Church.

I.  How to generate team spirit in the church

    A.  Emphasize our common experience

        1.  The Activity of God (v.6)

        2.  The Acknowledgment of Christ (3, 5)

        3.  The Action of the Spirit (3-4)

            a.  Baptism of the Spirit (13)

            b.  Indwelling of the Spirit (13)

            c.  Enabling of the Spirit (11)

    B.  Emphasize the common good (7)

        1.  The uniqueness of the individual

            a.  Unique circumstances (13)

            b.  Unique calling (18)

            c.  Unique capability (11)

        2.  The importance of the body (27)

            a.  Interrelated (14-17)

            b.  Interdependent (21)

    C.  Emphasize the common objective

        1.  To be the body of Christ

            Note: "so also is Christ" (12)

        2.  The visible expression of the         invisible

        3.  The tangible expression of the            intangible

        4.  The physical vehicle of the spiritual

II.  How to demonstrate team spirit in the church

    A.  By demonstrating the unity of the Spirit

        1.  Unity allowing diversity

            a.  The same Spirit (4)

            b.  The same Lord (5)

            c.  The same God (6)

        2.  Diversity protecting unity

            a.  Different gifts (4)

            b.  Different ministries (5)

            c.  Different workings (6)

    B.  By demonstrating respect for the members

        1.  The less visible may be the more          vital (23)

        2.  The less noteworthy may be the more           necessary (22)

    C.  By demonstrating care for the body

        1.  The unacceptability of schism (25)

        2.  The agony of suffering (26)

        3.  The empathy of success (26)


III.  How to perpetuate team spirit in the church

    A.  By waging war on ignorance (1)

        1.  Objective factors

        2.  Perspective factors

        3.  Subjective factors

    B. By Showing the more excellent way (31)

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