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What's with this guy Notes

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  What’s With this Guy  Notes

Charles Stanley-

1- The word of God is clear that suffering is purposeful. The Lord is conforming us to his image and He does this thru trials. The journey ahead of salvation is called sanctification and involves the process of becoming holy- few things build holiness like sorrow. Pain brings impurities to the surface and forces people to see the reality of their lives.

  2- Another reason the Lord allows trials is to test the faith of his children. Tested faith is stronger and more reliable that untested faith. Another reason is just for the glory of the Lord.

  3- Gods allows hardship in order to reveal his character, love and power. During life's storms people who cling to their Heavenly father will find him trustworthy and real. We can learn certain thing thru books and other people's stories but most growth happens during trials.

  a.God controls burdens so they aren’t too heavy. His goals isn’t to destroy you but to build your character.

  b.He designs the difficulties according to your character and needs. Trials are taylor made for you

  c. Difficulties are progressive. As God matures you, you difficulties seem to increase. As your walk progresses the trials will impede you less. This is growth

2 Cor. 12:9- The Apostle Paul understood what it meant to be pushed to the very limit of life. Accordingly he knew a lot about struggles, hardships and trials. But what was most important to him was through all these things for God to be glorified.

  We can learn from him the that the prelude to great strength is great weakness. An important lesson that we can learn is that in our weakest moments-when we feel the most desperate- are the times when God is free to do his greatest work.

  The only way to have conviction about the Lord's adequacy is to experience weakness and the strength that spouts from it.

Heb. 7:25- Jesus is the possessor of a supernatural power which is able to save to the fullest.  He alone is able to save and to keep on saving.  He saves murders, transvestites, rapest and even cannibals. And he saves them to the uttermost.


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