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The Spirit's Activity in Jesus' Life

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The Spirit in the New Testament

“Jesus’ origins are traced to the creative work of the Spirit”
Matthew 1:18 - The Spirit is Creator
Luke 3:21-22 - Recall of Genesis 1:2
Luke 4:1 - Jesus’ empowerment
Luke 10:21
Jim - Not a Christian, But I’m Spiritual (I look inward and I do that)
Religion (Sharonism - I look inward and I do that)
Is it possible we have function sharonism tendencies?
Intro Ideas:
People often have one of two responses to the Spirit
We pretend the spirit doesn’t exist (he sits there but doesn’t really do anything; not particularly active)
We associate the spirit with only the extravagant (pentecostal)
Possible Points:
The Spirit points to Jesus
The Spirit is both present and empowering
Being like Jesus means depending on the Spirit
The Spirit leads to greater things
b. Kenosis (emptying) - Phil. 2:5-11
Jesus did not depend on his divinity. Instead he choose to withhold himself from it.
Which means even though Jesus is God, he is not assuming the power of God. Rather, he is living as a human with dependency on the Holy Spirit
Why Jesus takes on the form of a Baby
Think about Jesus in the desert - tempted by the devil
Think about the Last Supper with his disciples
Think about the Cross - If Jesus is God, couldn’t he have taken himself down
Jesus withheld his divinty to participate in humanity. If that’s true, how did he do so many remarkable things? What about miracles? Healings? Demons cast out? It wasn’t his divinity he was relying on but the Holy Spirit
Story: Building with legos with Theo as compared to Building with real construction materials. I reject those things so that I can show Theo what’s possible in his state as a child
Jesus self empties so to show humanity that he 1) can relate to all of humanity and 2) show humanity was possible with dependency on the Holy Spirit
Part of our discipleship to the way of Jesus is looking at Jesus and emulating our lives after him - Becoming like him
Discipleship - This Christoformity leads us to a deep dependency on the Holy Spirit. Humility to recognize this
If I am to live the life that is formed in the image of Christ, I must be dependent on the Spirit
c.. Greater Things
Bible Project
Spirit “Pneuma” - Wind, Breath, Spirit
Matthew + Luke
Creator Spirit (The spirit is not just present in the beginning but he is present when things have gone terribly wrong)
The spirit of God hovers over the water is the same language as the spirit coming on Jesus at his baptism
Baptism is a clear depiction of the trinity
Spirit is the distinct personal presence of God
Luke uses led by the spirit, speaks by the spirit, full of the spirit
Jesus is soaked with the spirit
New creation is connected with the spirit
Pentecost - Ruach - he breathed on them
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