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There is no Plan B

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Our God is not The god of Plan B. His Plan is still present for us.

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Do you have a back up plan?
I actually have a back up plan for my life. If for some reason God were to call me out of pastoring I would lay it down and I would become a Graphic Designer.
I know Photoshop inside and out and I have dabbled with Lightroom and InDesign and all these programs that would help me secure a graphics design job. I even have reccord of projects I have that I could put on a resume that would help me secure a job. Two year books, 2 peices of apparel with my custom Logos on it. Branding for even our youth group is hand made, altought usually a little more rushed as I spend more time writing the youth curriculum then I get to make the graphics each week.
I have a Plan B… But God has never called me to Plan B.
I have had this Plan B since I entered College, I knew from Highschool that my Plan B would be graphic design, that if I need that could be my fall back. However I have never had to enact that plan.
Altought my plan A has seen differenet directions then I thought it would, Plan A is still the plan that I am on.
Maybe you have this?
Plan A is your Job right now, and Plan B is something else, maybe that early retirement, or a entrepanurship, or a new workspace.
Plan A is here in Vermilion and Plan B is Edmonton or Lloyd or a warmer climate that is not Canada
Plan A is Trusting in God but Plan B is taking it into our own hands.
Plan A is Jesus way, Plan B is my way.
You see when it comes to our plans, we like to say God has control, we like to assume he directs our path and that God calls us in and out of things pretty quickly.
“Every open door is something calling out to you”
Let me ask you a question...
What if God’s A Plan is the Only Plan. What if there was no plan B, not a backup plan, no seconad choice, no contingency plans, only God’s first and original plan.
See God’s first plan is still his plan, don’t get it twisted.
When the great sin came in Genesis as Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, God spares them. He knows all things and that Jesus will pay the price for their sins.
God’s plan was always Jesus, there was never another plan.
His freedom was always going to be the result of Jesus on the cross for our sins. So, his plan must still be true today, but it does not always feel like that… it feels like we are not apart of his plan, or that our part in the plan feels unimportant, or the plan feels lame, unexciting, not inspiring, bland at this time.
Thats not a unusual feeling,
Honestly Jesus’ close disciples had a back up plan.
In the Gospel of John, we read about Jesus bringing along and training up the disciples for the mission of God. Jesus com
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