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Where Does Your Loyalty Lie/ This World Ain't Loyal

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This World Ain’t Loyal

My brothers and sisters we often find ourselves trying to figure out in life who we can trust and are loyal. In this day and age that we are living in we see that loyalty can be a hard thing to find.
I may get in trouble thats alright, People of God we often ask questions why don’t we see the youth in church no more and why they don’t like coming to church. Is it okay if i Tell you why,
Okay Im glad you said yes we don’t see our youth in church no more because the saints ain’t loyal no more the saints can’t be trusted. The Church is suppose to be a safe place, not a place where we bash but a place where we take those that are going through and have problems and help them.
Too many believers are not Loyal. A young person comes and tells them what they are struggling with and we want to bash them and beat them down instead of building them up. We tell all they business and what gets me is the business that you telling is the same thing you use to do but thank God for leaders who had integrity and didn’t put your business or front street.
Church We Got to learn how to be Loyal, This World is not loyal and it will take advantage of you, but you must be like Christ and learn how to have some loyalty and be trustworthy so the younger generation can feel like they can tell you things without you being disloyal.
This Morning I have one simple question and statement for you to Ponder and think about.
Where does your loyalty Lie & This World Ain’t Loyal.
Look at somebody Close to you and tell them This world Ain’t Loyal.
I’m almost done I’m going to give you this and we gone have some fun.
The book of James chapter number 4 opens up
James 4:4 NLT
You adulterers! Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I say it again: If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God.
In the entire book of James we find James just being straight up.
James Says You Adulterers, I Like the Message Bible it says it on this Order, You Cheaters,
He calls them Cheaters because they have not been loyal to God. They have been loyal to the things of the World. They have Idolize things of the World so he calls them Adulterers, Cheaters, because becoming a friend of the World means you have cheated on God and the bible says you make yourself an enemy Of God.
My brothers and sisters Its all been a time in our life where we have Cheated on our Saviour. We all have Idolize and put something before God, Whether its Money , your boo, social media , your family , your friends we all have put something ahead of Our Relationship with God.
Thats Why Verse 5 reminds that God is a Jealous God.
So We must learn how to remain loyal to God for he is Loyal to us. God is a Jealous God so we must choose a Side. Are we going to be on his Side or be on the World side. We can’t be on both for The bible tells us I rather you be Hot or Cold but I don’t want you straddling the fence, I don’t want you in the middle I need you to pick a side cause if you in the middle I don’t know where your loyalty is and I have to spit you out of my Mouth.
I just want to stop right here and ask you another question Who is it Going to Be? Who will you choose, the World or the Word?
Just like in the natural world when you are faithful you your spouse or your stink You are rewarded for your loyalty and Love.
My Brothers and sisters when you are loyal to Christ you are rewarded, what are you rewarded with, Well I’m glad you asked verse 6 tells us.
Verse 6 tells us the He resist the proud and gives grace to the humble. With being loyal to God we just remain humble God will give us grace.
Watch This Dr. Tony Evans Says it Like This “If you place yourself in opposition To God through your attachment to the World he will Resist you”.
In other words if you Resist against God to be loyal to the World God will Resist you.
But thats not the end of the verse but the bible goes on to say The the Lord Gives Grace to the Humble.
If you stay loyal to God he will be gracious to you. Is there anybody that testify that God has been gracious. It was the grace of God that spared my life and your life, I know its hot but can somebody thank God For his Grace.
Not only that but verses 7&8 gives us some more things we must do and the rewards we get when we are Loyal to God.
Verse 7 & 8 tells us that if we submit to God and Resist the devil and the things of the World he will flee. My brothers and sisters if you submit your way to God everything will line up and when the devil comes you will be able to resist him. Proverbs 3 verse 6 teaches us to Acknowledge the Lord in All our ways and he will direct your path.
So brothers and sisters we must continue to submit our plans to God and Resist the Devil.
Verse 8 Tells us To Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. If we are going to be loyal to God we must Draw in to God and once we draw to God he will Draw to You. How do you draw Close to God, You draw close to God by spending time with Him,. by talking with Him and listening to Him, by spending time in His presence, by reading and studying his Work, by doing those things that please Him. We been to loyal with spending time on things of the World. We will spend all day on a Netflix binge, watching 3 or 4our seasons of our favorite show, but can’t spend 30 minutes in prayer or reading the Word of God. We need buckle down and be humble and loyal to God for his way and being loyal to him is how we make it in this World.
Lastly Verse 10 If we are humble and loyal to God, He will Lift you up. For God give grace to the humble and if you humble down that is your way to go up. In order to go up in life we must Humble Down. Look at your Neighbor and Say Neighbor Humble Down.
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