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Ephesians 3:14-21 Guided Prayer Time

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Dwell on God’s holiness to bow humbly before Him
“God, may we always respond to you in humble adoration. In this life, we go through countless highs and lows. There are times that call for ecstatic rejoicing, and there are times that seem to drain our very strength from us. Instead of living life out of the experience of the moment, help us to trust Your sovereignty, Your goodness, and Your plan with bended knees and yielded hearts. You are our Father, and You are good. This we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Pray for spiritual strength

In order to stand firm in the face of temptation
In order to maintain conviction in a hostile world
In order to serve in ways that bring Him glory
“Father, in You we have redemption through the blood of Christ. We have forgiveness for our trespasses, in accordance to the riches of your grace. You have displayed the immeasurable riches of your grace through your kindness to us in Jesus. Your riches know no end; they are without measure. As we pray to you now, would You answer us according to your riches?
We ask for strength, even in the face of difficulties and situations that should make us discouraged. Let us not lose heart, even though our flesh and this world might be wasting away. Strengthen us anew day by day.
You’ve sent Your Spirit as our constant companion to guide us and to make us know Your truth and to remind us of Jesus’ words and to bring conviction and encouragement when it is needed. And, the Spirit gives us strength to walk in all the ways You are leading us. Your Spirit is to be the means by which we live the new lives You’ve given us, so may He strengthen us to become more like Christ. May He aid us in our prayers when we don’t know how to pray. May He inspire us to worship when we lack the want to to do so.
So, again we ask, strengthen us with Your power, by Your Spirit at the very core of who we are, that we might live for You. In Jesus’ name...

Pray for a firmly established faith

A will that is surrendered
A desire to show love for Christ and others
A desire and ability to comprehend the unknowable love of Christ
“King Jesus, your presence with us roots us and grounds us in our faith. We are firm and secure in You, and what You have done in the past, it is meant to have lasting effects right now.
You have established us that we might, in some way, be able to grasp the infinite love of Christ. Help us to not just be fleetingly aware of Christ’s love. Help us to take hold of it, to grab on tight and not let go. We may not fully comprehend the mystery or the wisdom or even the riches You’ve blessed us with, but may we take hold and pursue a deeper comprehension of it every single day.
Your love for us is total, complete, and eternal. It covers all of who we are, extending to every corner of our existence. Truly, its length and width and height and depth knows no end.
The length of Your love? It runs the entire length of our lifetime and then into eternity. It was constant before we were born, and it will continue as each day of history unfolds.
Your love is wide, covering the who of our experience, but even more, reaching out into the whole world. Forgive us when we don’t proclaim Your love in every space.
Your love secures the greatest of joys for us, providing eternal security for our very souls. As the psalmist proclaims, Your love reaches to the heavens.
And, your love is deep, reaching even the darkest places of our discouragement and despair, going so far as to conquer the depths of death itself and rescue wretched sinners from the pit of hell.
May our faith be firmly established that we might wrestle with the depths and comprehend with all the saints the riches of your immeasurable love. May we find ourselves then lost in holy amazement at the grand and awesome nature of Your love. In Jesus’ name…Amen.

Give God Glory

Heads no longer bowed, but still reverent and humble
Encourage one another with who God is
“Father, we are mindful and amazed that You would answer our prayers. You welcome them, and even our grandest thoughts and requests, You are capable of so much more. You can act beyond our ability to ask. You see the secret hurts and desires and unspoken prayers of our hearts, and You can and often do graciously answer them all.
You are far above anything our finite minds can fathom.
You are able because Your power is beyond our comprehension.
You are willing because the depths of Your love are exceedingly abundant.
So may You be honored…may You be glorified…may Your holiness be magnified…may Your surpassing value be displayed in us and in Your church…individually…corporately…universally in Your body as a whole.
You have built us, Your people.
You sustain us, Your body.
May we proclaim You, our Savior, from generation to generation, and until You return or call us home. We ask it in Jesus’ name, Amen.
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