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Naomi, Portrait of a Mom

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In honor of Mother's Day I invite you to look at one of the OTs more famous moms. Naomi, the mother-in-law of Ruth, shows God's care for a special woman who was faithful to her God despite difficulty.

Difficulties Expirienced:

  1. Economic Distress (famine) (1:1)
  2. Moving away from home (new language, customs, culture shock) (1:1)
  3. Deaths in the family (1:3-5)
  4. Abandonment by daughter (1:14-15)
  5. Suffering from God (2:20-21)

Blessings Enjoyed:

  1. A faithful daughter-in-law (1:16-18)
  2. A kind relative (2:17-20)
  3. A grandchild (4:13)
  4. The grace of God (4:14-15)
  5. A heratige

Moms be assured that your sacrifices and difficulties will not go unoticed by our loving God. He will replace those hardships with blessings either in this life or the one to come.

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