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Where are you going next?” they asked.  I was down at the radio station recording a Minute for broadcast.  “A church meeting,” I said, and said it with the tone of a guy who doesn’t like meetings.  That got me to do a quick search of my mind.  “You know, I can only think of one meeting in the Bible that Jesus attended.  That was with the religious authorities on Maundy Thursday…and they killed Him.”  Jennie quickly added, “But it turned out well.”

Worshippers last Sunday heard the story of “doubting Thomas” (John 20).  The disciples were gathered together, afraid for their future, when the resurrected Jesus appeared.  Thomas missed that “meeting” and doubted the “minutes” that Jesus was alive, but the next week Jesus appeared again and Thomas believed.  Jesus may not have gone to many meetings but after Easter He did appear where disciples were gathered and let them know He was alive and the Father’s mission was moving forward. 

Back to that one church meeting we know Jesus attended, the one that led to His death.  You probably go to some meetings like that, filled with reasons why the mission can’t go forward.  Here’s praying the Spirit of Jesus appears and the doubters get on board with the resurrected mission.  Then it too will turn out well!

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