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This is the Libronix Logos DLS 3.0d License for 6,350+ Resorces. It unlocks all books that I found anywhere in the internet (including the complete Scolars Library Silver Edition, Charles Stanley's Lib, Hermeneia, Ugaritic Lib, Christian Theology, IVP Ref Lib, Oxford Bib Comm, Luther's Works, MacArthur Lib, The eBible Platinum Ed, Seventh Day Adventist Resources, PBB Books, and, of course, many more) as well as all plugins (including PBB). The various Start pages (about 68 of them) are also unlocked.

Installation Instructions:

Please, in any case, first run the Libronix_Restorator.bat (by paPus at ct), wheter or not your Program is locked, if you install it the first time, or if you just want to update your license. This will help you to keep your libronix alive longer. In Vista, you might have to run it with administrator privileges, since it changes the "hosts" file (so it blocks traffic to and from This is necessary so that the Sync Licenses function won't harm your program.

If you don't want to run the restorator for any reason, please follow the "How to stealth Libronix" instructions below.

After you ran the Restorator, start Libronix, go to "Extras"->"Library Management"->"Restore License" and choose your license.

How to stealth Libronix (only if you don't want to use the Restorator) by is41 at cdl

in vista:

browse to "start" --> "all programs" --> "accessories", right-click "notepad" and select "run as administrator", click "continue" on security promt, open "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts"

(you have to change the box where it says "Text Documents (*.txt)" to "All Files (*.*)"

then, at the bottom, add this:

in xp etc:

the same, but you don't have to run notepad in administrator mode (since it doesn't exist).

the minus is, that you cannot access through your browser anymore, but since isn't much of a great site, it won't hurt. however, if necessary, you can reach the site through a proxy, an anonymizer program or an web-based anonymizer. so actually, there's no minus.

the big plus is, you'll never have to worry about getting locked out again. ever.

another plus is that you can enjoy the libronix news and blogs on your logos start page.

the third plus is, that the add-in will work (it shows sermons fitting to the verse you searched).

e.g., reach libronix with this address:

The Resources that are most likely, but not 100% surely, unlocked are from these Publishers:

AMG Publishers: 7 (Possibly fro the "Bible Essentials" CD)

Bill Bright: Wisdom of a Lifetime: All Video Resources

Christadelphians: 137 (Christadelphian Magazine 1864-2000)

Friends of Israel:15

Logos (South Africa):1

Olford Ministries: 10 (Olford Expository Preaching CD)

Saint Mary's Press: 3 (Catholic Youth Bible)

Standard Publishing: 2 (Standard Lesson Commentary 2002-2003)

World Evangelical Alliance: 1 (World Evangelical Fellowship Theological Research Library)

That makes the total number 6,530+. There might still be others that are unlocked, but these are the ones I could figure out.

Check for updates and your missing Books at (user: pw: 1stLibronix) (currently under construction).

If anyone of you has some of the above resources, locked or unlocked, or other locked resources, please post them there!

If this adrive account won't work, request the new address on .

Soon there'll be a wikipedia-like project that will be even more informative than Libronix (we'll make it possible). Keep your eyes open.

This License is especially for those that have no way possible to obtain Libronix. If it is by any means possible for you to buy the software, do it. Libronix did an awesome work that deserves to be paid. If you live in a country where you cannot get christian resources legally, you can still send a gift to Libronix. I myself did not buy the software. The standard version costs more than a month's salary for me. Yet I know what I'd buy when I get my next big financial blessing.

Greetings to Bob, Dan and all the other Libronix guys out there. Take it easy, we don't harm you, we advertise.

God bless





Read Acts 2:38, John 3:16 and the rest of the Bible and be blessed!

originally posted at in Nov 07.

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