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Grow-spiritual transformation

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Repurpose - reinvent - redirect - rethink - refocus

We want to look at each individual part for the next several weeks. 

        Want you to understand

        Evaluate where you are in the process   

This morning we are going to look at the word Grow.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Navigators.  They are an organization committed to the development of Christian men and women who are followers of Christ and help others do the same.

They were founded by a man named Dawson Trotman over 75 years ago.  The reason Trotman founded this organization was because of an experience he had when he picked up a hitch hiker.

The hitchhike got into his car and said, “Jesus, it is sure hot out there!”  Trotman

After Trotman heard the word Jesus he decided to use that as a starting point to share his faith.  Before the hitch hiker left his care he accepted Jesus as his savior, he made a decision to follow Jesus.

About a year went by and Trotman was on the same road travelling and picked up the same hitch hiker.  The hitch hiker didn’t recognize him and as he was getting into the car he said, “Jesus it is hot out here.”

Trotman realized this man hadn’t progress one bit since he became a Christian.  He started Navigators as a solution to this problem.

What does it mean to Grow?

        Romans 8:28


        Grow up in all things


We start to think and act like Christ

Another word: Transformation

Jesus                                         Us

Unslefish                                   Selfish

Kinds speech                              Unkind, gossip, sarcasm

Loving                                      Angry, hateful

Pure                                          Sensual

Truthful                                     twisters of the truth

Humble                                     Proud

Patient                                       Impatient

Afirming                                    Critical

Understanding                            Judgmental

This is a tall order;

How do we go about growing.

In the scriptures there are a lot of analogies of physical growth to spiritual growth

            You are still babes

            I should be giving you meat and you are still drinking milk

            When I was a child . . . but when I became a man

            As newborns desire the sincere milk of the word

the greatest tool we have for growth and maturity is the word of God.


Let’s look at what says the word of God will do for us.

2 timothy 3:16

That the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

How does that happen.


        Thy word have I hid in my heart

        Sharper than any two edged sword

        Renews our minds

        Reveals God and his thoughts and his ways

If you are going to be taught by the word of God you must:

        Read it

        Hear it

        Study it

        Memorize and meditate on it

Is there anything missing in all of this?

        Most importantly obey what it teaches you.

If will teach you that everything isn’t ok.


Evidence - used here it is in the negative sense.  Bringing to light things that needed changing.  Things that are not godly, or will bring glory to God.

        Your teeth need brushing

        Your hands are dirty

        Your room is dirty

The word helps us see what is really going on


Holy Spirit convicts here.


But now, your child goes into the bathroom and to wash his hands and comes out and it looks like all he has done is smear around the dirt.

You take him to show him how to do it.  Immediately you know what happened.  There on your good towels are the evidence that he put his hands under the water and turned and dried them. 

You must show him how to properly wash his hands.

That is called correction.


to restore to an upright position


We are going to see that we need help in the Christian life to grow just like a child needs a parent.

Training in Righteousness

            Amend something

Work of Holy Spirit

For everyone who only partakes of milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness.  But solid food is for the mature who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.

And another translation adds, “and they do good:

Combines life events and instruction to actually bring about godly life changes.

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