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Mothers Day 2001 - Mary Mother of Our Lord

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Reading: Luke 1:39-56
Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished! Luke 1:45 (NIV)

I.   Mary is a woman of Faith

     A.  “May it be to me as You Have Said” (v.38)

           1.  Mary trusts God can do the impossible

                 a.  Tho probably she was very young

                 b.  This isn’t getting children the “old fashioned way.”

                 c.  God will do what’s never been done

           2.  Mary accepts God’s call on her

                 a.  God will do the impossible thru her.

                 b.  She will be a mother of the “Son of the Most High.” (She’s OK with that?!)

                 c.  She doesn’t question God’s choice.

     B.  She believed God Would Do it (v.45)

           1.  Elizabeth applauds Mary’s faith

                 a.  She had been childless and now rejoices in her own pregnancy

                 b.  Filled with the Spirit she blesses Mary “the mother of my Lord

                 c.  She blesses her for believing God would do what He said.

           2.  “God can” isn’t “God will

                 a.  Believing God’s Word is true is good

                 b.  Believing God can do all things is good

                 c.  To believe God will do what He said is a deeper and rarer kind of faith

           3.  We admire Mary’s simple and deep faith.

                 a.  Mary’s has little to say but much to live

                 b.  “May it be to me as you have said”

     C.  “Do Whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5)

           1.  She has “open” trust of Jesus’ love.

                 a.  She doesn’t tell Him what to do, or even to do anything

                 b.  She puts no boundaries around doing what He might say

           2.  She tells others to trust openly too.

                 a.  Do whatever he tells you.

                 b.  This confident instruction is for us too.

           3.  She believes Jesus blesses all God’s people

                 a.  Jesus isn’t just good to His Mom

                 b.  The promise is to be good to Abraham and His descendants (vv.54-55)

II.  Mary Praises God for Her calling

     A.  “My soul Glorifies the Lord” (v.46)

           1.  Mary celebrates her calling with song

                 a.  Joy and gratitude drip from her song

                 b.  She celebrates what God will do for her

           2.  For His goodness to His people

                 a.  God called Mary to bear Jesus to extend His mercy “to those who fear him”

                 b.  Not only for now but for generations

           3.  For her unique role

                 a.  All generations will call me blessed!

                 b.  (Not because she isn’t really lowly!)

                 c.  Because “the Mighty One has done great things for me.”

     B.  “God has done Great things for me” (v.49a)

           1.  Though she considers herself unimportant

                 a.  She sees herself as a “humble servant”

                 b.  Humble even for as servant

                 c.  She has power or prestige

           2.  Her calling honors her beyond her dreams

                 a.  Did she ever think this would happen?

                 b.  Had she accepted a poor girl's lot?

           3.  It is her privilege to follow this calling

                 a.  We hear no trembling in her voice

                 b.  She embraces her call with enthusiasm

                 c.  Her faith in God calling her is complete

     C.  “Holy is His Name” (v.49b)

           1.  Because He is so good–revere His name

                 a.  His name (He) is “set apart”– unique

                 b.  His name is “set apart” – as sacred

                 c.  Hallowed be His name!

           2.  Because He rescues the needy

                 a.  We are in awe of Him who rescues us

                 b.  He is more powerful than History

                 c.  His more powerful than the sin’s power

           3.  Because He keeps His promises

                 a.  He does because He can

                 b.  He does because He loves us

                 c.  He does when we don’t keep ours!

III. Mary becomes Jesus’ Disciple

     A.  Mary Ponders Jesus’ identity

           1.  When the Shepherds come (Lk 2:19)

                 a.  A mother teaches, but Mary learns too.

                 b.  The shepherds tell the angels’ message

                 c.  Mary ponders who this Boy really is.

           2.  When Jesus stays behind (Lk.2:51)

                 a.  He doesn’t understand their pain, since they ought to know where he’d be.

                 b.  He goes home and submits to them

                 c.  Mary didn’t understand (v.50), but carefully keeps this in her heart.

           3.  But later, she thinks He’s nuts (Mk 3:21,31)

                 a.  He’s been healing, casting out demons and now is hounded by the crowds

                 b.  He can’t even eat!

                 c.  Even the leaders thought he was crazy

     B.  Mary Follows to the cross

           1.  Mary stands with the crowd at the cross

                 a.  It’s a long walk from Nazareth!

                 b.  Was she following Jesus already?

           2.  Jesus gives His responsibility to John

                 a.  The 1st born had the responsibility of caring for his mother until her death.

                 b.  Jesus gives away this task (to John) because He was exercising it.

           3.  What did she understand of God’s promises as she watched Him die?

                 a.  Did Gabriel’s words return to her mind?

                 b.  What of the message of the Shepherds?

                 c.  Did she wonder if it was all real?

     C.  Mary is with the Disciples in prayer (Acts 1:14)

           1.  We last meet her with the other disciples

                 a.  After seeing Him raised & ascend

                 b.  She is with them constantly in prayer

                 c.  The mother submits to her Son

           2.  She didn’t stop following God’s call on Her

                 a.  She trusted God’s call on her to be a mother to His Son

                 b.  God’s call led her beyond what she understood her call to be

                 c.  God’s call led her to follow her Son.

The Bottom Line:

Mothers of Faith who follow God’s Call bless all God’s children.


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