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Called by God 1-Your Situation

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Reading: 1Corinthians 7:17-24
Brothers, each man, as responsible to God, should remain in the situation God called him to. 1Corinthians 7:24

I.   God calls us Where we are

     A.  God calls All of us

           1.  God calls us to Salvation

                 a.  God calls to us when we’re lost

                 b.  God calls us to know Him

                 c.  We hear his voice in our hearts and know we need more of Him.

           2.  All He calls to Salvation, He calls to service

                 a.  The Church is not a warehouse of souls

                 b.  We are saved from worthless living and saved to worthwhile living

                 c.  To Serve is a privilege more than an obligation: we get to do some good!

     B.  God puts us where he Wants us

           1.  He forms us into who He wants us to be

                 a.  Our life itself comes from Him

                 b.  He gives us our personalities: who we are

                 c.  He gives us our family, friends, etc.

           2.  He shapes us through our life experiences

                 a.  All that happens to us shapes us

                 b.  All we experience prepares us

                 c.  Our successes/failures, health/illnesses, youth/age, jobs/unemployment, etc.

           3.  He puts us where He wants us to serve

                 a.  We are in the life station God wants us to be in to serve him now.

                 b.  We have the strength He needs of us

                 c.  We have the job we have because God wants us to serve him in it

     C.  We don’t have to be Perfect first

           1.  God doesn’t use only the best

                 a.  We don’t have to get past something 1st

                 b.  God hits straight with a crooked stick!

                 c.  God uses ordinary, imperfect people

           2.  We don’t need to attain a certain level of spiritual maturity

                 a.  We don’t need to reach a certain age

                 b.  Not just “seasoned,” but new Christians

                 c.  Not just spiritual “giants,” stumblers too

           3.  God calls us in our messy, day-to-day lives.

                 a.  Our God transforms our ordinary lives into key mission stations

                 b.  He calls us to serve, support, love, teach witness and glorify Him where we are.

II.  Fulfill your call in your life Situation

     A.  Bloom where you’re Planted

           1.  You don’t have to do “great things” to do great things for God.

                 a.  He doesn’t call most of us to start a revival or go overseas as a missionary

                 b.  Not all that’s impressive is great (vice versa)

                 c.  Not the greatness of the task but the greatness of your devotion counts most

           2.  No one else has your ministry/calling

                 a.  Parent your children, befriend your coworkers, witness to your neighbors, serve your friends, support those you support, give what you give, glorify God in your life.

           3.  Your life-situation is where your calling is.

                 a.  To hear your calling, look around you!

                 b.  Not an adult yet? Don’t wait, hear God’s call for you in family, school, friends

                 c.  Wish you were younger? Don’t lament, take up your call–even if it’s only prayer

     B.  You are called to Be where you are

           1.  Don’t covet your neighbor’s calling.

                 a.  We all do that at times–me too.

                 b.  While we’re busy day-dreaming our spiritual fantasies, ministries pass us by.

                 c.  Find joy and fulfillment where you are.

           2.  You aren’t where you are by mistake

                 a.  Who’s in charge? /gave you your place?

                 b.  Does He make mistakes? /timing bad?

           3.  Where are you?

                 a.  What is your life-situation?

                 b.  Age, family, work/school/retirement income, geography, social status, etc.

     C.  Stay until you’re called to Leave

           1.  Don’t quit just because it isn’t easy

                 a.  God stretches us to help us grow

                 b.  When it’s too much, depend on Him

                 c.  When it seems unfulfilling, look deeper

           2.  Don’t go looking for another call when you haven’t been faithful to your current one.

                 a.  Whoever’s been faithful with little. . .

                 b.  Why would he entrust you with another one when you haven’t done this one?

           3.  When God calls you on, go.

                 a.  God calls us on to other things.

                 b.  That doesn’t always mean a new home

                 c.  Let the former go, embrace the new

III. God’s call Transforms us

     A.  Our Status is not that important

           1.  We often think of calling in terms of status

                 a.  Clergy/Lay, elder/deacon/member?

                 b.  We think credentials precede ministry

           2.  Slave/Master, Married/Single? So what?

                 a.  Those things don’t get in God’s way

                 b.  Bad job, bad employee, bad marriage, lonely singleness–don’t negate your call

                 c.  This is all just the canvas–the picture is love

           3.  What we can do doesn’t depend on status

                 a.  OK, some tasks only authorized can do

                 b.  What we can really do depends only on what God can do through us

                 c.  We don’t need status to love and serve

     B.  What’s important is Serving God

           1.  Keep His commands

                 a.  Not the OT law (cf. circumcision!)

                 b.  “Command” also is “teaching”

                 c.  It’s not about externals, but your heart

           2.  Fulfill the calling He places on you

                 a.  Your calling isn’t about externals either

                 b.  He calls us all to trust and obey

                 c.  To serve where He calls us to serve

     C.  We are Free to be Christ’s Slaves

           1.  Even if we have a lousy job, serve God in it

                 a.  There are still people to love there

                 b.  Not everyone enjoys their job, but we’re all called to serve God in them.

           2.  Christ sets us truly free

                 a.  Even slaves are free in Christ!

                 b.  When the Son sets you free . . .

           3.  We find our deepest freedom serving Him

                 a.  In Christ, even slave holders are slaves!

                 b.  We are bought by Him, bound to Him, live to serve Him

                 c.  There is no greater freedom than serving Him completely.

The Bottom Line:

Be Faithful to serve in the Place God calls You to serve.

Hymn: Lord Speak to Me R#625 v.5


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