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Get in the Game

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For a 3 hour football game - a fan will be on time. Not miss opening kickoff. Sit in favorite seat & won’t get up to eat, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. He won’t be bothered by a wife or kids who want his attention. He is engaged! He will NEVER complain when the game goes into OT - that’s even better! Why? Because the Football team is worthy of his respect, attention and time.

Football usually gets more respect, time, and intensity than our worship to God.

Romans 12.3-8

My Keychain has many keys with many functions! I need each and every single key to properly function in my life. God has made the church like this too. Very different keys for many different purposes.

There are NO skeleton keys in the church!

1 Peter 4.8-11

Football is 22 men on the field who desperately need a break being watched by thousands of people in the stands who desperately need exercise!

Sadly this sounds a lot like the Church.

20% of the church doing 80% of the work.


John 13.3-17

We need to ask ourselves: Am I a Fan or am I active on the Team?

Am I just in the stands or am I actually on the field contributing?

Jesus Christ has a lot of fans. River of Life Church has a lot of fans.

The question is... are you on the TEAM?

Are you on the FIELD? ...or are you just a CHEERLEADER?


*We had ministry opportunities available for them to see and pray over and then they could sign up to serve one another

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