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To be Obedient

1Samuel 15:22

Over the last few weeks something has kept on cropping up in my Bible study and even on our men’s Bible study this past week it was mentioned and it can be summed up in the scripture verse found in 1Samuel 15:22 but in order for you to understand what is going on here I will have to read for you just about all of 1Samuel 15, then I will comment on the passage so here we go [READ].

This is a very powerful story and it gives us a clear insight into the heart and character of God.

First we have Samuel, the prophet/priest coming to Saul and giving him some very specific instructions as to what to do with these Amalekites just as he gives us clear instructions on how to live our lives today through His word. The BIBLE is Gods Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth to us.

Now who were the Amalekites and why were they so offensive to God that He wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth? The answer to this is found back in Gen 17:8 – [READ]. The Amalekites were a wondering nomadic tribe who were descendants of Esau, Jacobs brother. They were the first people to attack Israel as they were heading to the promised land. In face Deut 25:17 records for us exactly how they attacked Israel in a very despicable and cowardly way. [READ] They started at the back of the group where the slower people were. These were probably the young, the sick, the pregnant and the elderly, who could not keep up with the rest of the group and were the most vulnerable of the travelers. God decreed destruction upon them because of their despicable act on His people. God reserves the right to exact vengeance the evil people [READ Scripture]. Saul was chosen to carry out that prophesy and to fulfill scripture but He failed God. If we remember in the New Testament Jesus came and fulfilled all that was written about him in the Old Testament, He was obedient to the Father even unto death. Saul was not obedient. Even though God gave him the victory, we read in verse 8 that he spared the King Agag and the best of the spoils. That was because they were covetous and greedy. How many times has these sins gotten people into trouble? Remember David, he coveted his neighbors’ wife, Bathsheba, and got into big trouble. When God gives specific instructions on what to do, you cannot do it half way and expect to please Him. When we tell our children to wash the dirty dishes and they soap them up and leave the soaped up dishes in the sink without rinsing them off, drying them and putting them away, we are not too pleased with them are we? A job half done is not done at all. In vs 13 Saul was proud of himself for ‘following the command of the Lord’. NOT! Pride comes before a fall, and he fell hard. Then Saul, when confronted with his sin, tried to make excuses and that is probably what we all would do. That is what Adam and Eve tried to do back in the garden. They, in fact, ended up trying to blame God for their dilemma. Saul tried the same tactic. ‘We saved these to give to God’ is what he said. That would be a detestable thing in God’s sight and it would be an unacceptable offering. When confronted with Gods standards Saul finally confessed his sin, but it was too late. His fate was sealed. He would loose the kingdom! David confessed his sin with Bathsheba too, but his fate was also sealed, his child died. The people of Israel confessed their sins and turned back to God but their fate was sealed. 2Kings 23:21-23,25-27. God desires our obedience no matter what our circumstance or situation in life, and we disobey we bear the consequences. Are we living a life that is in obedience with His will? Are we following hard after God?

Vengeance Rom 12:19 – Deut 32:35 – Psalm 94:1 – Jer 51:36

Exo 17:8

and was not retracted in spite of his prayer for the forgiveness of his sin

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