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Locusts know 'When to Jump'

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Locusts teach us about timing. The wings of a locust are thin and small. They jump in an attempt to fly, leaping into the air, but until the wind comes they merely practise. When the wind comes, however, they can jump up to 100 times as far into the air and glide for hundreds of miles. So the key for the locus is to wait for the sound of the rustling of the wind in the trees. They know 'IT'S TIME TO JUMP' and they all jump together.

Effective leaders are people who are profficient at knowing when the wind of God's Spirit is blowing in to a new direction and who influence their people to jump together. In jumping together, God's people are empowered to jump further than they could on their own.

Source: Magazine Name, January 1, 2006

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