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Matthew 9:18-30 The Lord of life.

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Matthew 9:18-30 The Lord of life.
Jesus had just explained to John the Baptist disciples, why his disciples did not fast. That Jesus was like the bridegroom at a wedding party, and his teaching was going to explode the old traditions that were not based or was done with the heart of the father. The good news of the gospel would be for everyone that would believe.
Matthew writes as Jesus was said that, a ruler came and knelt (Worshiped? – like the lepper – if he did would the crowed not react?). Before Jesus. So, in the middle of Jesus teaching a man comes and interrupts him, He is in need so much need that he goes where many sinners are to Matthew’s house.
How do we go to Jesus, - interrupting him, kneeling before him? The man is in great need of Jesus, his daughter just died, he comes to Jesus to have him lay her hands on her and then she will be well. This man has great faith in what Jesus can do… Raise the dead?
What about us? Do we go to Jesus like that? In our everyday, knowing our need, and his power, or do we live our lives in our own strength? And then when that fails, we will pray for Jesus to come fix it… Are we dependent on Jesus? And the one the father and Jesus send (as we are reminded about this Pentecost Sunday) On the Holy Spirt that will remind us about Jesus’s teaching. –own strength power of God?
What does Jesus do, he gets up, and leaves the party and follows that man (Jairus), the disciples follow Jesus.
But on the way. A woman like the man is seeking Jesus. She has a problem; she has been unclean for 12 years. (Like the lepper, she did not have to say outside, but all who touched he was made unclean til evening, and she herself could not go to worship – look up laws on bleeding). Her quest is to just touch Jesus clothe, and then she believes she will be healed/made well save word here made whole. She touches Jesus, she is unclean, will she be cleaned or will Jesus become unclean til evening? Jesus turns, and looks at the woman, seeing here (Our God sees.). Jesus speaks words of mercy and comfort, daughter your faith has made you well. (Stress and angst – healing?) And the woman was made well instantly.
Jesus and the others continue to the house of the ruler, and already there are mourners there, fluteplayers, and making a commotion… like a small chaos, to show mourning, - some people had that as a job. Jesus tells them all to go away. And that the girl is just sleeping.
They all laugh at Jesus because the they all know the girl is dead. (What is it like to be laughed at for our faith in Jesus, does I cause us to step back and not share, or does it motivate us?).
The cowed gets put outside and Jesus goes in to the child and took hand and the girl arose. Boom, Jesus just reached in to death and pulled the girl back to life. Jesus is Lord of the living and the death. Proving who he is, and thinking about it everything was made igennem/thugh Jesus for Jesus, so bringing the girl to life was, “easy” compared to bring everything from nothing?
This makes Jesus very known and famous in all that district.
Jesus leaves the house of the ruler, and is followed by to blind men, crying out son of David – title for the messiah have mercy on us, will Jesus’ show mercy like he had just talked about earlier? Not really, Jesus walked on and came to a house, did he go back to the party at Matthews house? But that did not stop the blind men, the follow Jesus into the house, then Jesus addresses them. Do you believe that I am able to do this? Do you believe in what you call out that I am? (A question to us also when we pray, do we believe that God can do it?)
They respond we yes Lord, (do we?) Jesus touches their eyes, but like before Jesus says, according to your faith let it be done to you. (The question just asked before was important).
Their eyes were opened, Jesus knew their faith -When God asks questions it is not because He dose not know it is for our sake.
Jesus warned them, see that no one knows it… kind of funny ironic that Jesus uses see. Because the were blind before…
They don’t listen, the do the opposite and talks about Jesus and his fame spread in the district.
Fame verses being known. Jesus knew and had his identity in his father’s words, (form his baptizem) he did not need others to spread his fame, but to trust in the fatherand what his mission was. Because like today, sometimes people are more inclined to want you to do what they want. Instead of listening to what Jesus wants us to do… Fame can be a trap like riches, one that people will try to keep, and in it loos them self. Jesus did not need that he knew who would trust in him and who was not going to, and it did not matter if they made him popular or king, that was not his mission. Land the plane.
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