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Five Unanswerable Questions

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Five Unanswerable Questions                                                                                                   4-19-09

Romans 8:31-35

John Stott says, “The Apostle hurls the questions. . .”

1.       If God is for us – who can be against us? 

                Scale – a few marbles on one side, 10 lb anvil on the other

- Champion        

2.       How will he not also, graciously give us all things? 

                We need strength to overcome temptations

                We need comfort

                We need direction

                We need a friend

A rich relative gives you $1,000,000.  Will he withhold a quarter if you need it for a parking meter?           

-  Benefactor

3.       Who will bring a charge?              

Legal area.  It is God who justifies

-  God is Judge

4.       Who is he that condemns? 

                The grounds for our justification  -  forever free

-  Justifier

5.       Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? 

                Paul looks around and asks questions:

                                Shall tribulations? Pressures? Etc. etc.

Rom. 4:25 – He was raised to life for our justification

If Jesus had actually sinned a little bit he would be a sinner and his death wouldn’t have atoned for anyone.

How do we know?

                Atonement made  -  Atonement accepted

Restore to me the glory

                Exaltation, seated


                He pleads the benefits of his death

-  A Savior who satisfies and keeps us safe.         


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