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Jesus had cast out demons that were very afraid of him, then the people in the region asked Jesus to lave them alone.
And Jesus and his disciples returned to Capernaum, and Jesus forgave a man his sins, claiming to have the powers only God has, and to prove it he healed the paralytic man also and that made all the people afraid.
But they all glorified God.
This week Jesus will be asked a few questions and he will respond with scripture and in pictures metaphors.
But first Jesus seesMatthew.
And Calls him.
Let’s read.
Jesus had so fare called fishermen to follow him, now he picks a Matthew, the author of the gospel, but Matthew is a tax collector.
That is very different than a fisher.
And most people heated tax collector’s and saw them as traitors because they worked for Rome.
They also had a reputation of collecting more that was needed, and keep for them self.
The other disciples might even have played their taxes to Matthew, so the group might not be best friends from the beginning.
But as the other disciples and not like the ones we read about 2 weeks ago, Matthew, responds to Jesus’ call, and gets up and follows.
And he hosts a party for Jesus and some of the other tax collectors and the other people are just called sinners.
But it all starts with Jesus seeing Matthew.
/ We talked about it before but do you know Jesus sees you?
Jesus causes a disturbance, because at this time eating with people was a social event, and it indicated that you accepted the people that you eat with.
But how could Jesus if he was a teacher associate and eat with sinners?
Did he accept their behavior?
That might have been the question that the Pharisees had in their minds.
They don’t aske Jesus but asks his disciples, not sure why they ask the disciples and they don’t seem to know what to say, because Jesus respond, with a metaphor, - the people that are not sick don’t heed a dr.
but the one that are sick do.
– Okay Jesus, what do you mean?
Who is sick?
And who are the healthy?
Who think they are healthy but are not?
The sick out a dr.? In a way Jesus here cast him self as the great physician I go to the sick both physical and spiritually, the ones that need a dr seek one out as the sinners to.
But you and others you don’t think you are sick, why would I spend my time with you, you don’t believe you need a savior, you think you are healthy.
And you think I am blaspheming.
Jesus will meet us where we are, not after we clean up our life, he will meet us where we are stuck, when we were still enemies, Christ came.
-PPT Romans 5:20 most of 5…
I think Jesus is a bit annoyed, I mean if no one will spend time with sinners and outcasts how will the get to know God and turn to him?
Englevagt foodbank Kylene reminding me in a text… I did not know, and it helps, me that that mindset or the eyes to see people as Jesus sees them, and act, when people need help also the big sinners… Becasuse so were we… but Jesus had mercy on us… then we are also to show mercy..
Jesus gives the p’s homework, and asks them to go and learn what the scripture form Hos. 6.6.
PPT Means.
Go and learn, what this mean: I Desire, mercy and not sacrifice.
The p’s might have fasted 2 times a week give tithe of small urbs… but had no compassion on the sinners, the asked that God had mercy on them, but did not have it on others… What about you?
Does this sound familiar?
If you are in Christ, you have been saved sowed the greatest grace, but how do we treat others?
Do we forget, what God had done?
Who will give good news to the sinner but the ones that were showen mercy?
What does that say about spiritual growth and maturity?
That the more we understand the mercy we have been given from God in Jesus Christ, the more we will show mercy to all people around us, also the week, the marginalized the sinners that desperately need Jesus the healer and savior.
[What Israel gets judged for and goes in to exile and what the prophets point out is that they stop listening to God, and live for them self and other Gods, in that neglecting or cheating exploiting, the week, children, woman, foreigners.]
Jesus states his mission, he came to call sinners to himself.
(that is all of us, but many then and now don’t see that they are sinners, that they are their own Gods).
A real question about fasting.
Fasting is to remove something good to get something better to feast on Jesus instead of food nearness to God, feel the need for God.
And Jesus explains that people at a weeding don’t fast as long as the bridegroom it with them, they are celebrating they are close it is a time of feasting not fasting.
But when the bridegroom leaves then his disciples will fast, the party is over Jesus has left for heaven, well first he is in the grave 3 days.
Rises and spends 40 days before ascending to heaven, that is why we had Thursday off from work some of us.
(Most people today probably don’t know why).
It would not make sese for the disciples to fast to feel or get closer to God, because Jesus was with them, - and the to pictures of new path, on old clothe, Jesus is like it makes no sense to fast I am right here, or new wine, on old skins, - my presents is here with you now, fasting for my presents it not need at this moment, it would not even make sense.
We are at the feast feasting.
The Gospel of Jesus, is new, and will explode the old understating of God, - new garment and new wine… the true gospel of Jesus.
Jesus casting himself as the bridegroom also hints for the first time that he will be going away, first to his death and then to the right hand of the father.
Then what?
Well for the sinners among us, the people that know they need a dr. it is very helpful to know that Jesus is a dr.
That he came to seek and save the lost, even the ones despised by others, not excepted in culture.
To us that are more religious, Jesus asks to think about mercy, how do we live out the mercy God showed us in Jesus, it is not our religious deeds that saves us, keeps us gives us right standing with God.
It is not what we can give or offer.
It is accepting Gods offer of his son, and receive mercy from God.
And both catories needs Jesus, the one knows the other forgot or is counting religious acts to save, but it is only Jesus that can save, heal restore, redeem, reconcile, take away wrath, Jesus is the only dr. that can save the lost and the religious, from sin.
For us all come to Jesus, enjoy, treasure him, let him change us, let him lead us, and then by his holy spirt we ask to live out the mercy, compassion that God had on us…
If you don’t know Jesus, know that he does see you, - there might be 7.88 billion but he sees you.
Run to him, he is what you were made to worship, to live for to enjoy, it will not be easy but good like He is.
For us that know, let’s consicer again all that Jesus has done, and worship and give thanks, and ask that he will keep changing us in the power of his Holy spirt to the glory of the father.
All praise to him.
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